Montfort Hospital is a leader in saving organ donations

Montfort Hospital is a Francophone academic hospital where over 1.2 million people are served, in both languages, in Eastern Ontario. With exemplary person-centred care, and designed as the best practices spotlight organization, they have recently been recognized by Trillium Gift of Life Network for their life-saving organ donation work.

According to a recent press release “the province-leading effort in Ottawa reflects just how well Trillium Gift of Life Network and the area’s hospitals work together to save lives.”

In Ottawa, organ donors have helped save the lives of 121 people over the last year. There were also nearly 200 tissue donors from Ottawa in 2016–17. The city has had an outstanding performance regarding the public awareness about organ donation as a priority.

Even though in Ottawa people have realized that donating organs really save lives, this is the first step to create a timeless culture of donation and “act as a reminder of the work still to be done in other communities across Ontario.”

Generosity and service are essential when you think about donating an organ. In order to have a successful donation process, it is important to receive the advice of specialized people, as well as let your relatives know that you want to help those in need. Montfort Hospital has become their main ally.

“In 2016–17, Trillium Gift of Life Network had its most successful year to date with a record-high number of organ donors and ocular tissue used for transplantation. In Ontario, there were a total of 1,256 life-saving organ transplants, a process that also provides solace for families of the donors.”

Once again the Montfort hospital deserves all the recognition for its work and dedication to serve the entire community. Along with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Queensway Carleton Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Montfort “is being awarded the Hospital Achievement – Conversion Rate Award, given to hospitals that meet or exceed Trillium Gift of Life Network’s provincial target.”