National Canadian Film Day Celebrates Canadians and Their Stories

Today, April 17, is National Canadian Film Day. It’s a day to celebrate Canadian stories and the incredible achievements of Canadian filmmakers.

Events and screenings are being held all over the country to commemorate the day.

Several weeks ago, the Governor General hosted an event, Telling Stories through Film: A Sneak Preview of National Canadian Film Day.

At the event, two films were screened, Ru and the one I saw, Peace by Chocolate, which tells the true story of a family of refugees from Syria who came to Canada and tried to make their way in this new country. They were chocolatiers who exposed Canada to their well-known recipe and delicious chocolates.

The Governor General gave a warm introduction to those in attendance, including many new residents to Canada. Tareq Hadhad, the founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate, was also on hand. The charismatic businessman fielded several questions during the Q&A session.

Several Order of Canada recipients, including director Atom Egoyan, were also present.

National Canadian Film Day is full of wonderful stories, stories of perseverance and realizing dreams, stories of Canadian culture and the strength of its people.

Great Canadian films shouldn’t just be celebrated on National Canadian Film Day or Canada Day but year-round.

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Header Image: Atom Egoyen with OLM movie reviewer Keith Whittier.