• By: OLM Staff

Navigating the 8th Annual Ottawa Wine Auction with 5 tips from Stephen Ranger

Whether your enjoy Amarone or Zinfandel, the 8th annual Music and Beyond Fall Wine Auction promises to be the most exciting one to date! Taking place this Friday April 26th at 6:00PM at Ottawa City Hall, the auction is one of many initiatives presented by Music and Beyond to support their annual programming. 

The event will be hosted by Stephen Ranger, widely known as Canada’s leading wine & art auctioneer. Whether you're a connoisseur, collector, or complete beginner, Ranger has shared with us five tips to help you navigate the wine auction world in advance of Friday's event:

1. Look beyond the trophy labels. Although there is much pleasure in owning and drinking the great First Growth Bordeaux or Grand Cru Burgundy, there are great values to be had in some of the lesser wines that sell for a fraction of the price.

2. Don't be afraid to buy 'off' vintages. If you love a specific producer, there's probably a reason, usually the style of the domaine, that will shine through even in vintages that may have been challenging. This is especially true of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

3. Pay attention to the condition of the wines being offered at auction. Look at fill levels of the bottles and the condition of the labels and capsules. They are good indicators of how a particular wine has been stored.

4. Set a personal limit on what you will spend and stick to it. That way you won't suffer from buyers remorse and will be able to spread your buying power out over the whole auction.

5. If you are a novice collector, use the auction as an opportunity to explore a wide range of wines. You may not have experienced the joys of mature wines. It can be life changing!

This evening promises to be a unique opportunity to discover amazing vintages and immerse yourself in the realm of fine wines.