• By: Marie Waine

New Anti-Aging Product a Lifeline for Skin

Today there are endless outlets telling us how to take care of our skin–from moisturizer to sunscreen, it seems we can never do enough! But what about the damage our skin has already suffered when we forgot to slather on the SPF? The answer lies within doors of Holtz Spa on Rideau Street.

Holtz Spa is rolling out Lifeline Skin Care’s line of anti-aging products, created to promote rejuvenation of damaged skin cells.

Up to 90 per cent of skin aging is caused by sun exposure, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Lifeline aims to repair the damage of skin using extracts of human stem cells and protect against UV and environmental damage. Lifeline’s Stem Cell product line benefits all ages and skin types, but is best suited for mature and extensively UV exposed skin.

“In the laboratory, while working on developing treatments for regenerative diseases including Parkinson’s disease, our scientists observed how stem cells can rejuvenate other cell types, including heart, brain, liver and skin cells,” said Dr. Simon Craw of International Stem Cell Corporation, the parent company of Lifeline Skin Care. “Now we can extract proteins, peptides and growth factors from these stem cells, and add them to topical skin care products to reduce and delay the appearance of the signs of aging–lines, wrinkles and loss of radiance.”

Dermatologists believe many women do not begin to think about using anti-aging products until they see fine lines and wrinkles beginning to appear. By the time women reach the age of 40, they are looking for more advanced solutions to treat their skin.

Ottawa women (and men) can flock to Holtz Spa for a chance to reverse those wrinkles and defy the age spots. The spa offers Lifeline’s Daily Defense Complex, Recovery Night Moisture Serum, Eye Firming Complex and Dual Action Exfoliator ranging in price from $70 to $198. Holtz will not only be selling the Lifeline’s products, but will be using them in select services. For those wanting to be pampered while fighting the look of aging–and who wouldn’t!–indulge in the Lifeline Stem Cell Facial for $265.

Visit Lifeline Skin Care and Holtz Spa to learn more about the products and services.