• By: Marie Waine

New Business Promotes Ottawa Artists

What is that lovely piece of artwork hanging on my living room wall you ask? Just a beautiful print I found online by a local artist. You can support Ottawa talent too–it’s simple!

Local artist Susan Fisher is at the forefront of YourLocalArt.com, a new eCommerce business where artists can have their worked viewed online and visitors can purchase prints with the click of a button.

Fisher designed the website in hopes of creating a meeting place for those who create art and those who love it. Original works of art can be expensive and although you may love a piece, buying it may not be feasible. YourLocalArt.com gives the opportunity to purchase prints for your home so you can enjoy the art and the talent at a lower price point.

Fisher says the website introduces artists to a wide range of viewers who may purchase a print now and continue to come back to see future creations. The love of their print may lead to a sell of an original work.

Currently the website features nine local artists who range in styles and subjects. You can read a brief bio of each artist on the website before browsing through their work of paintings, photography, fractal prints or mixed media.

Once you decide which piece you would love to hang above your fireplace, choose an available size, pick a frame and whether or not you would like the print signed by the artist. The print will be sure to add to the room—and if you are not fully satisfied, YourLocalArt.com will do everything they can until you are 100 per cent happy.

New artists are always able to submit their work for consideration on the website. A jury goes through each artist and selects who will be featured. The following local artists are currently on the site:

Jospeh Coban
Glen Fisher
Susan Fisher
Bruno Gervais
Rene Lamarche
Lilith Ohan
Mark Prest
Louise Rachlis
Diane Oost

Be sure to check out the website for more information and to order your own beautiful prints!