New Online Gambling Licenses To Be Issued in Spain

The Spanish economy has been feeling the pain for quite some time now, and the Spanish government’s latest search for revenue has led them down a path which is sure to delight members of the iGaming industry including casinos, sportsbooks and slot machine sites.

News out of Spain is that the countries gaming regulatory body, the Spanish Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), has begun an application process for operators to apply for two new online casino licenses which will be offered immediately.

This comes on the back of second quarter online gaming revenue figures which saw a 6% decline down from 2013 second quarter figures, and with the Spanish economy being in such a poor position, it is hoped that the issuing of new licenses and stimulation of the online gambling market might bring in some much needed extra revenue.

Operators who are interested in applying for the new licenses will need to have their paperwork done and submitted to the DGOJ by deadline 13:00 CET on the 9th of December.

The Licenses Being Offered

The two new licenses being issued to operators contain significant differences, and as such are likely to draw two different groups to the bidding process.

The first license being offered is for a general license which will enable to the holder to operate any and every type of online gambling game within the country. This is likely to be most appealing to the big multi-national operators, who already have the software and systems in place to make the most of this license, and therefore could enter the local market quite quickly.

The second license on offer is more limited than the first, and is perhaps more suitable for smaller operations. This license will allow an operator to host online slots games with direct access to Spanish players afforded. Notably, there has never been a dedicated online slots license issued in Spain before, and the only way operators could utilise slots in the past was by obtaining a general license.

The Selection And Awarding Process

Once all submissions have been received by the DCOJ on the 9th of December, a review process will be undertaken of all the applications, and the successful bidders will be awarded with their license, and operations can commence immediately.

The DCOJ will be undertaking technical certification within the first six months of the licensee’s operation, though it is hoped that the certification process will be concluded within four months from the date of the license being issued.