New service from Taleam Systems will help boost your web traffic

Websites now need to have more functionality than simply attracting clients. Ottawa-based tech company Taleam Systems can help. The company is offering a new service to expand traffic to your business’ website.

Before the pandemic, websites told visitors about your product or services, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced websites to work harder. Whether a site facilitates booking appointments or retail purchases, it is an essential tool to drive your business sales.

Taleam’s new service will help you build a website from the ground up using the optimal design services like WordPress, Squarespace, or Mobirise and creating a specifically designed site that will satisfy any business requirements. The companies website innovation information like how to implement a QR code solution for your business.

The company can help with domain registration and offers website maintenance services. Your sales and brand recognition will grow as traffic to your website increases. To ensure that targets are being met, Taleam Systems will also provide statistics on working samples.

This new service is the latest addition to Taleam’s excellent services, including cybersecurity, computer upgrades, IT support, and laptop repairs. The company also sells computer hardware like keyboards and mouses, and chargers.

CEO Melad Ahmadzai recently completed a Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) with the Thunder Bay cohort run by the Toronto Board of Trade. Amhadzai says that the TAP experience will help him grow his company even more: “I developed an expert-informed strategy to help my company conquer new markets.”

Taleam started ten years ago in Ottawa but is already providing excellent service to consumers across Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto. CEO Melad Ahmadzai says, “Our new web traffic service will be competitive and fast to attract new clients from around the world.”

Ahmadzai is looking forward to serving and supporting more small businesses by helping grow their sales with this new service.

For more information, call 1-800-741-2951 or visit Taleam Systems online at