• By: Anne Dion

New Study Says Millennials Should Be Living the Ottawa Life!

A recent study by Point2Homes reveals that Ottawa is the 5th most attractive cities in Canada for Millennials in 2018. This young generation is now the largest in the country, and many are beginning to settle down. So, what makes a good city for a Millennial to stay in?

The study went through 9 criteria for the 85 largest cities in Canada. It looked at: the percentage of millennials within the total population, home prices, income, unemployment rate, level of education, crime, healthcare, climate and life satisfaction. By investigating these categories, they ranked cities by their attractiveness and these are the results.

Ottawa came 5th overall, surpassing Vancouver (10th), Toronto (24th), and Montreal (38th). Because we are a government town, our city has a steady employment rate and an above average yearly income of $88,310. Ottawa also has a high life satisfaction index, and has the 6th highest percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree or above.

Placing 5th out of 85, Ottawa came behind Quebec City, Victoria, Guelph, and Halifax respectively.

Quebec City earned the top spot for Millennials, and the Township of Langley came last.

To view the full results of the study, visit: https://www.point2homes.com/news/canada-real-estate/millennial-cities-ranked.html