NHL Developments: A Quick Recap of Pre-Season News

Photo courtesy of Falling Heavens.

As you know, the 2015-16 season gets under way on October 7th, which is just two months away. There has been a lot developing in pre-season, including some controversy for the league as a whole.

The NHL is placed under legal scrutiny

Concussion and head trauma in sport has been brought the fore of public conversation when it comes to contact sport. When a sport is as physically demanding as hockey, you automatically expect the necessary safeguards that protect the players’ health and safety to be in place.

Photo courtesy of Kaz Andrew.

However, in recent months, a battle has raged between the NHL and players who have suffered from head trauma. Previously injured players are suing the league for not doing more to protect their health, even though the league has shown to be aware of the effects of head trauma on long-term cognitive performance.

The Ottawa Senators were dealt several blows last season as both goaltender Robin Lehner and forward Clarke MacArthur were diagnosed with concussions. Both players suffered their injuries against the Carolina Hurricanes in mid-February and likely played a part in the overhaul that is currently ongoing.

In a landmark ruling, the court has ruled that the NHL must hand over its data in relation to players suffering concussions and related head injuries in order for a judge to decide if the league has failed to sufficiently protect its players.

Movers, shakers and performers

There’s been a lot of talk about certain players needing to prove their worth in the NHL, from rookies to unsettled vets. There has also been a lot of rapid movement in the free agency, with more than 150 players signing to new teams in just five days.

All of this makes for a turbulent start to the season, as teams adjust to their new players and configurations. This is part of the reason why Bet365 has fluctuating NHL odds for games at the start of the season. With all of these changes occurring, it’s quite difficult to call.

Make sure you stay up to date with all the latest NHL news – a lot can change before the start of the season.