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NIBAV Home Lifts Transform Homes and the Quality of Life for Seniors

Canada’s baby boomers are getting older, and with age comes mobility issues. We recently chatted with Vimal Babu, founder and CEO of NIBAV Lifts Canada, about how Canadians can age safely in the comfort of their own homes.

OLM: How do in-home lifts address mobility challenges?

Vimal Babu: In-home lifts are designed to address the specific needs of individuals with mobility issues. They provide a practical and effective solution that enables individuals to age gracefully and comfortably in their own homes while maintaining their independence and improving their overall quality of life. Here are several ways in which in-home lifts address mobility challenges:

• Aging in Place: In-home lifts allow seniors to age in place by providing them with the means to move freely between different floors of their homes. This eliminates the need for them to relocate to single-level residences or senior care facilities, enabling them to maintain their independence and stay in the comfort of their own homes.

• Accessibility: As individuals age or face mobility challenges, navigating stairs can become increasingly difficult and even dangerous. In-home lifts offer a safe and accessible option for them to move between floors, ensuring that their entire home remains easily reachable and usable.

• Safety: Falls are a major concern for the aging population and those with mobility issues. In-home lifts significantly reduce the risk of falls associated with climbing stairs, providing a secure mode of transportation between floors and minimizing the chances of accidents or injuries.

• Convenience: In-home lifts provide a convenient solution for individuals with mobility issues. They eliminate the physical exertion and effort required to navigate stairs, allowing for a smoother and more effortless transition between different levels of the home.

• Comfort: In-home lifts are designed with user comfort in mind. They often feature spacious cabins that can accommodate mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or walkers, and provide a comfortable and secure ride for individuals with limited mobility.

• Independence and Quality of Life: In-home lifts promote independence by enabling individuals to move freely within their homes without relying on constant assistance from others. This independence contributes to a higher quality of life, allowing individuals to have better control over their daily activities.

OLM: What is your/company’s vision for the Ottawa market?

Vimal Babu: At NIBAV, we are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of Ottawa residents. We take pride in developing products and services that are specifically designed to improve the overall quality of life for our customers. Our focus is on providing sustainable solutions that address both present and future challenges, ensuring a better and more fulfilling lifestyle within our communities.

OLM: How does the purchase and installation process work and how much do these lifts cost?

Vimal Babu: The purchase process starts with the sales team contacting all potential leads. Once an inquiry is made, an elevator expert will be assigned to visit the client’s residence and conduct a thorough site inspection. This inspection will be followed by the submission of a comprehensive feasibility study, outlining the suitability of the location. Subsequently, the technical team will prepare a report that integrates the client’s requirements with the feasibility findings. Once the lift’s specifications are finalized, they will be sent for manufacturing.

The pricing for the lift ranges from CAD 79,000 to CAD 119,000, providing options to accommodate various budgets and preferences.

OLM: What makes NIBAV’s customizable home lifts stand out and enhance homeowners’ quality of life? Why not just go for a standard stair chair?

Vimal Babu: At NIBAV, we offer a wide range of home lifts that provide a convenient and practical solution for homeowners. Our lifts are designed with a compact footprint and stylish aesthetics, ensuring they seamlessly blend into the existing design of your home.

• Safety: Our elevators are manufactured in compliance with European Standards and hold the prestigious CE certification. Additionally, we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification from TÜV, which guarantees that our products meet rigorous safety standards and comply with all necessary requirements. At NIBAV, safety is of utmost importance, evident in our sophisticated designs that incorporate four levels of safety features, including emergency buttons, automatic descent mechanisms, alarms, and more.

• Aesthetics: We believe a cohesive aesthetic can create a sense of harmony and balance throughout the house, while unique and eye-catching elements can add interest and spark joy. Ultimately, aesthetics are a reflection of one’s personal style and taste, and when thoughtfully curated, can transform a house into a warm and welcoming home

• Performance: These lifts adhere to the highest quality standards and feature state-of-the-art Air technology, ensuring a smooth and secure ride for customers

• Flexibility: The elevator can also be completely dismantled and reinstalled in case of relocation. Our lifts are designed to grow with you and your family and are easy to install, operate, and maintain, making it a convenient and hassle-free addition to your home

Home lifts offer several advantages over standard stair chairs, making them a superior choice for individuals with mobility challenges. By introducing a home lift, you can experience the unparalleled convenience and accessibility it brings, transforming your living space into an inclusive and functional environment.

OLM:  How safe and reliable are home lifts, really?

Vimal Babu: Home Lifts are becoming increasingly popular due to their combination of safety features and stylish design. These lifts are not only functional but also offer self-supporting structures and the flexibility to be easily moved from one location to another. When it comes to safety, it is crucial for consumers to prioritize key certifications for home elevators.

Safety is a top priority at NIBAV, as showcased in our sophisticated designs that incorporate four levels of safety features. These features include emergency buttons, automatic descent

mechanisms, alarms, and more. With NIBAV Lifts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is our utmost concern.

OLM: Looking ahead, what are NIBAV’s future plans and goals for expansion throughout Canada?

Vimal Babu: The future plans for NIBAV is to expand its footprint within Canada by opening more showrooms and gaining market share in the elevator industry. We are in the process of reaching out to every

potential region where there is a need for safest home mobility solutions. NIBAV will provide the

safest and sustainable home elevator to homeowners in every region.

OLM: How do you envision your role in shaping the future of accessible living spaces?

Vimal Babu: The home elevator industry is witnessing remarkable growth in the Canadian market. These home lifts not only offer convenience and accessibility but also prioritize energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials, and a circular economy mindset. NIBAV Lifts is committed to shaping a future where homes are equipped with environmentally responsible elevator solutions, fostering a greener and more sustainable world for future generations.

NIBAV Lifts envisions a world where sustainable home elevators become the standard rather than a luxury. By collaborating with architects, builders, and homeowners, we aim to seamlessly integrate sustainable elevator solutions into residential spaces, promoting accessibility while minimizing the environmental impact.

For more information on NIBAV Lifts, visit www.nibavlifts.ca

Photo: Courtesy NIBAV Lifts