• By: Dan Donovan

Nordgreen’s exceptional vintage-looking watches are timeless

Setting your sights on an antique or vintage watch could run you into the thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you can invest in vintage-looking watches at a more reasonable price. Enter Demark's Nordgreen watches. Their watches are designed to hold their value. Their rounded edges and subtle hourly marks are styled for today, while reminding you of a time long since passed.

Co-founders Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam's vintage-looking watches adhere to the ethos of Scandinavian minimalist design: heritage, simplicity, functionality, balance, and sustainability. The duo commissioned award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner to create their line of watches. The result is watches that are glitzy enough to stand out on your wrist yet understated enough as to not overpower your wardrobe. 

Nordgreen watches are customizable to effortlessly match your every look. Pick a style that strikes you, select the dial colour (except on the Philosopher range), and then choose one or more straps. Buying a variety of watch straps allows you the flexibility to switch up the look. And, it is so easy to do — no tools are required. 

When you choose a Nordgreen watch, you are improving societies all over the world and investing in the future of the planet. With every purchase Nordgreen donates to one of three causes: Restoring Amazonian rainforest, Education in India, or clean water in the Central African Republic. The donations are included in the price of each watch and you can keep track of your donation by keying in your watch’s serial number on the Nordgreen website

Vintage Looking Men’s Watches

Nordgreen’s Philosopher timepiece is designed to celebrate the power of thinking innovatively and of thinking towards the future while respecting the past. It has an elevated watch case, tugging lugs reminiscent of spokes on a wheel, and a clean brushed-silver stainless steel casing that provides the finishing touches to its one-of-a-kind design. Admire the asymmetric second hand that appears to continuously slice through time, reminding us to both honour the past and plan. The watch has a conical shape that’s wider at the base than at the face, creating a sharp white, two-piece dial that draws your eye to its very center.

The men’s Pioneer is Nordgreen's flagship watch, with a minimalist dial that comes in black, white, or navy blue. This watch is synonymous with simple-living and the sustainable environment in Denmark that the partners want to see adopted all over the world. The Pioneer has a third-hand stopwatch for greater accuracy and a chronograph second hand topped with red tips that harkens back to the red tips found on the wind turbines off the shores of Denmark. Choose from the vintage-looking case colours of gunmetal, silver, or rose gold on this 40mm-only watch that comes with vintage-looking straps to match the watch case.

The Native watch has an elevated design, a result of the rounded case and the clean dial that comes in white, navy blue, or black. Its invisible minute marks are its most unique feature, and the rounded lugs on the watch case define the watch’s classic intentions and pay homage to a past age. It is a perfectly balanced vintage-looking men’s watch that come in two sizes, 36mm and 40mm, with four striking case colours, rose gold, silver, gunmetal, and gold. Interchangeable straps that match the watch case colours help to achieve the perfect vintage look.

The Infinity watch for men embodies pure simplicity, designed with only the essentials on show. This range of men’s vintage-looking watches has no lugs on their watch cases, has no date on the dial, and lacks the fine detail of the hourly marks. The deep curvature of the dial, that comes in white only, reminds us of the infinite space-time continuum of which we are an inescapable part. It is beautifully complemented by the extended hourly marks that glide right up to the edge of the watch dial. Interchangeable straps connect directly into the watch, allowing you to match the watch to any style, making it suitable for any occasion and for achieving that perfect vintage look.

Vintage Looking Women’s Watches

The  Infinity's minimalist watch case is a simple design that’s polished and understated. The deep curvature of the dial reminds us of infinite space-time, punctuated by the extended hourly marks that glide to touch the edge of the watch dial. Choose from 32mm or 40mm sizing, as well as interchangeable straps that come in a variety of colours and materials, but notably in rose gold, silver, or gold mesh to match your watch case and achieve that perfect vintage look.

The Philosopher timepiece for women, with a conical-shaped case that has a broader base than face, and a sharp white-only dial that draws our eye to the very center of the piece. The elevated watch case with a clean brushed vintage look and tugging lugs provide the perfect finish to a watch with a truly unique design. Choose from interchangeable straps in a variety of colours that allow you to match your watch to your wardrobe.

The Native and sister watch, the Native Lille, range of vintage-looking watches for women have elevated design of the Native is a result of its raised, rounded case surrounding a clean dial available in black, navy blue, or white. Invisible minute marks and rounded lugs define the watch’s classic roots with a vintage rose gold, silver, gold, or gunmetal casing. The Native comes in 36mm and 40mm cases while the Native Lille is available in a delicate 32mm watch casing. Choose from four vintage-looking case colours, silver, gold, rose gold, or gunmetal, and a myriad of strap colours to create an unforgettable vintage look.