Nothing Too Common at Common Eatery

All photos courtesy of Alex Mazur.

Perhaps in the hippest corner on Elgin Street, Common Eatery is nestled between a dumpling joint, a taco stop and it’s own sister clothing store. It’s open-concept feel and menu is set to satisfy even the pickiest of foodies. Developed as a part of The Common, the space changes between The Morning Owl a cafe in the morning and a restaurant in the evening, but both offer a fun, relaxed place to hang out and enjoy fantastic food. While the exterior is minimalist in appearance, there was otherwise much attention paid to detail in every aspect from the food and drinks, down to the custom painted toilet bowls.

Common Eatery’s food and drinks are presented in a way that ignites conversation, whether it is with a friend, or with someone seated next to you in the communal seating. Dishes are served like tapas, but many of them, like their charred Caesar salad, go above and beyond traditional meals. Some of the dishes even come with eating instructions!

The drinks are colourful and themed. The bright pink Unicorn drink seemed a fan favourite, although Ginger with a Soul had just the right spice to make it nice.

If you’re looking for a fun night with friends, or a place to make new ones, Common Eatery is the place to meet.

Here are some pretty pictures we took of the place:

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