Oaxaca’s Emerald Coast

By Thea Ness

When we think of Mexico, most of us think of places like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, but one destination is slowly starting to make itself known as a top Mexican hot spot.

Puerto Escondido is perfect for those seeking an authentic off-the-beaten-path experience.

Situated on the Emerald Coast, Puerto Escondido is located in Oaxaca on the southern tip of Mexico.

The region offers some of the best year-round weather of any beachfront location in North America. With only half an inch of rain each winter and low humidity levels, travelers are assured that blue skies and warm evenings will be prominent. The Pacific coastal region also has 164 years of data that shows it has the lowest hurricane risk in all of Mexico.

The area features a wide variety of restaurants, bars, live music and nightlife.

But Puerto Escondido is perhaps best known for activities such as swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, zip lining, horseback riding, white-water rafting and ecological touring.

Since the area is still slowly developing, vacationers will notice that excursions and beaches are far less crowded than in other locales like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

Puerto Escondido offers a number of different accommodation options, one of these being Vivo Resorts.

The resort includes almost half a mile of frontage on Palmarito Beach. Add to that – it is the only development on a 21-kilometre stretch of beach.

The resort developer is Cary Mullen, a two-time Olympian and World Cup champion downhill skier. He considered more than 30 different des-tinations for development, measured against 44 factors before selecting Puerto Escondido.

“I found Puerto Escondido seven years ago. It’s youthful, like a ski town, so I felt at home,” Mullen said. "It has a great vibe and also has a very international flavour. I heard about six different languages on the beach. It hits all my criteria from a strategic standpoint – hitting on the 44 factors – but also an emotional attraction.”

Mullen said part of the reason he chose to develop Vivo Resorts was to provide a location where people could retire or buy a second home – and three generations of family could come together and spend quality time.

Is there a better way to bring the family together than with a gorgeous tropical holiday?

In addition to providing a vacation destination, Vivo Resorts is a place where people can purchase a condo and have their own slice of paradise – where they can feel at home. When owners aren’t taking advantage of their Mexican vacation home, they can make a little extra cash by renting it out to fellow vacationers looking to enjoy the peace and beauty Puerto Escondido has to offer.

This emerging part of Mexico is untouched by large-scale development and remains a family-friendly and safe area set for discovery.

It can truly be called an “undiscovered gem” but it’s not lacking in any big-city amenities. It boasts a new hospital and airport, hotels, movie theatres, restau-rants and even Mexican big-box stores.

Puerto Escondido is best known for its amazing surfing beaches. Surfers of all levels flock to Puerto Escondido to ride the waves. You don’t have to be experienced to enjoy the famous waves. There are qualified instructors available for all levels. No matter what your skill set, you'll find the waves you need in Puerto.

The nearby inland lagoon is a photographer’s paradise.

Boat rides are offered for daytime and evening tours, enabling visitors to experience true bioluminescence from phosphorescent algae. Laguna Manialtepec is home to an astounding variety of bird life and is a good place to enjoy an eco-tour or photo expedition aboard a powerboat.

Kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) makes a peaceful way to explore the lagoon’s incredible beauty.

Oaxaca’s cuisine is recognized internationally. Due to the varied terrain and climate from sea level to the mountains, the region sports a delightful mix of cuisine.

As would be expected, seafood is abundant in the coastal areas, while the central valley provides a variety of vegetables and tropical fruits.

The terrain is well suited for the cultivation of coffee and cocoa beans, resulting in some of the world’s best java and chocolate. As well, its 17 indigenous groups contribute to the appealing gastronomy, providing unique ingredients and unexpected cooking methods.

Travelers looking for their next Mexican vacation destination should consider Puerto Escondido.

Vivo Resorts is a great spot for a second home or just a vacation. To learn more about Puerto Escondido and Vivo Resorts, visit vivoresorts.com.