• By: OLM Staff

OICC Campaign Launches with a Leg Up on its $5 Million Goal

When the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre launched its first major fundraising campaign on Wednesday in the Canadian Tire Centre, they had a little surprise to go along with the public announcement.

“I am pleased to announce that we have now reached $1 million towards our $5 million goal,” said Bryan Murray, General Manager of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club and the OICC Campaign’s Honorary Chair.

By the time they’d launched the ambitious campaign, called “Changing How We Live with Cancer,” OICC already raised one fifth of their goal.

“We are excited that our fundraising is off to a strong start,” Murray said.

The early boost came from two separate donations. On the day of the launch, the OICC announced a $100,000 donation from the Ottawa Senators Foundation, and a contribution of $900,000 from an anonymous foundation. That money will go to funding essential patient programs, innovative research and subsidized patient care for those unable to afford integrative cancer care at the OICC.

The OICC approach to cancer care helps people live the best they can while undergoing treatment by reducing side effects, improving quality of life and helping prevent recurrence. Throughout the morning, different people whose lives had been affected by the OICC spoke up about the work it does. CBC News Anchor Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, who was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2015, delivered a particularly moving testament.

“The OICC has been a lighthouse in the storm for me,” said van Oldenbarneveld. “Trying to figure how to manage a diagnosis like breast cancer is something that requires more than just surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. For me, it also meant dealing with the emotional fallout, and the physical recovery from each round of treatment. The OICC has been there to help guide the way.”

Murray, who has fought his own battle against stage four colon cancer, said that the Integrative Cancer Centre has helped “keep both my physical and mental strength high.”

“The OICC and their tremendous staff have allowed me to enjoy all of my normal daily activities, including quality time with family and my passion towards bringing a championship NHL team to Ottawa,” he added.

You can find out more about the OICC at oicc.ca/foundation, and you can donate to the “Changing How We Live with Cancer” campaign at oicc.ca/donate.