OLM Pet of the Week- Meet Panmure

It’s time for this week’s OLM Pet of the Week! This week we want you to meet a sweet girl who has recently discovered what a loving life the indoors life can be! Meet Panmure, a female domestic short-haired kitty who is estimated to be about two-years-old. This little lady was originally a part of a Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) program run by Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, where feral cats are trapped and fixed to prevent reproduction, before being released again. After being spayed however, she showed signs of affection to her TNR foster during her recovery period, and thus was brought inside to begin her new life indoors with a loving family. Panmure is now ready to spend the rest of her life with a loving forever family, and is up for adoption with Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

Panmure is a shy girl, who is working on building her confidence each and every day. She has been thriving in foster care and learning that humans often come with treats and belly rubs! Once you’ve gained her trust and she is comfortable around you, she won’t hesitate to get her snuggle game on with lots of purrs and head bumps. With enough trust, she may even request a gentle belly rub! She has started playing with toys and loves to race around after her favourite one. Coming from a crowded feral cat colony, Panmure strives to find her zen, and thrives in calm, peaceful homes where she is the only animal inhabitant.

Why study when you can snuggle instead?

If you’re interested in adopting Panmure, visit Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue’s website and fill out the Adoption Interest Application. Panmure currently has a special adoption fee of $99. 

About the Rescue: Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is a no-kill, volunteer-run rescue established in 2011. OSCatR takes in stray and abandoned cats and socializes them in foster homes before adopting them out to forever homes. The rescue also helps manage feral colonies by humanely trapping and sterilizing strays before returning them to the colony. The adoption process involves a meet and greet with the adoptee to ensure a good match before the adoption is finalized. OSCatR can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

OLM Pet of the Week is a weekly segment on our site which showcases adoptable pets in our Capital. Each week a new pet will be featured in order to help them find a loving forever home. Any Ottawa-based animal rescue interested in having an adoptable pet featured can email isabel@ottawalife.com.