• By: Emma Dykstra

On with the dance!

On October 20, 2019 the Canada-China Culture and Art Association presented a Chinese dance drama called Seeking in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 49th year of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Canada. The event served as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beauty of China’s rich cultural heritage through music, dance, and the performing arts.

Choreographed by Peter Quanz, an award winning Canadian choreographer who has choreographed for dance companies, opera, theatre, and has created ballets for some of the world’s leading ballet companies, the performance featured 30 dancers from one of China’s best dance companies and two Canadian dancers from Ballet Victoria. 

Seeking tells the story of a young father and mother who lost their new-born child while they were on a sketching trip. The baby is discovered and later adopted by a Canadian couple who bring her back to Canada. As she get older, she reconnects with her Chinese heritage through the arts and returns to China to study. She falls in love with a young man and explores China with him. Meanwhile, her biological parents never forgave themselves for losing their daughter, so they use their imagination to continuously paint her as an adult. One day, the young woman walks into their gallery and recognizes herself in a portrait and is then reunited with her family. 

The drama reinforces the importance of the collaboration between Canadian and Chinese artists. “Such efforts undoubtedly promote values of mutual understanding and respect, which we as Canadians, hold so near and dear”, said Senator Victor Oh. He also commended the CCCAA and Huaxing Arts Group Ottawa for their ongoing efforts in fostering cross-cultural communities and people ties between China and Canada.

The vibrant colours, graceful dancers, and thrilling music made the afternoon a memorable one for all who attended. There was audience applause and smiles all round in appreciation of such a superb cross cultural experience.