Online dating sites—how they really make me feel

I should award myself honourary person with the most online dating profiles! I’ve been on them all! I’m an expert, I know how to draw them in and also know how to delete the weird shady ones. I do have to admit that online dating is like finding a needle in a hay stack and I promise you I’m not being picky like most of you think.

At the end of the day, it’s about the emotional, spiritual and sexual connection! Yes, it’s that simple!

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I know online dating works! I whole heartedly believe it does. How else are you going to meet people…through your mother? It’s just the patience of weeding through all of the profiles that takes time and commitment that has me bothered! I’m tired!

Oh for sure, all of you know someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who found love online and now are happily married. However, I can guarantee you that someone who knows someone, did not tell you about the trials and tribulations of what they had to go through online to find that wonderful gem of theirs!

Anyway, not to worry! Tina is here to tell you the real dirty truth about these online dating sites! For those of you who are committed, you better count your blessings and kiss your loved one right now! For those of you who are single and ready to mingle, make sure you know what you’re really signing up for!

Check out how each site really made me feel!

Plenty of Fish (POF): Yes it’s a free site but I felt used and violated! The attention was a good ego booster but I felt there was a price to pay! I was asked to participate in threesomes, I was ridiculed about my ethnicity and, worst of all, I was condemned for not giving out my cell phone number in order for the men to text me pictures of their body parts. Gross!

Tinder: Tinder is a matchmaking mobile application that uses GPS technology. Users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance. Tinder has been criticised extensively for its "appearance-based match-making process," which many have labelled shallow, superficial and vain, but I hate to admit that I’m addicted!

The app allows you to anonymously like or reject potential suitors by swiping or tapping. If two users like each other then it results in a "match" and Tinder introduces the two users and opens a chat forum to engage in conversation.

I found myself constantly on the phone, at times screaming of excitement when I got a match. Other times, I declared myself a stalker, as I could tell when my online crush last logged in, how many kilometres away he was from me and purposely put on lip gloss with the hopes of bumping into him. The only downfall, there were more men than none that were looking for a quick encounter but were willing to see where it wenOnline Dating Sites How They Really Made Me Feel - Image 1t.

Match: Match, I would title as online dating with real potential! The questionnaire at the beginning is long and annoying, but if you think about it, filling it in honestly can help align suitable matches for you based on your hobbies and interests.

The membership fees start as low as $20.99/month for a year’s subscription, $26.99/month for a three month subscription or $41.99 for just one month’s subscription.

I figured if he is willing to pay, he must be somewhat really looking. I felt more relaxed. Safe is an odd word to use, but I felt comfortable. The site had a caliber of people that were more respectful than POF and there was a higher percentage of reasonably attractive men.

EHarmony: Everyone was so serious on EHarmony! There was no time for light heartened humour and the majority of men online did not look like what they displayed on their profile picture. To this day, I don’t understand why someone would misrepresent themselves.

Prices are $59.95/month for a three month subscription, $25.95/month for a 12 month subscription or $9.95 per month for a 24 month subscription. Prices are competitive, but nothing really tickled my fancy.

Christian Mingle: With every honest fiber in my body, I felt too much of a sinner to be on this site! Religion is a subject that at times can come up in debates, and in other times it may have people at a very emotional state. I felt so guilty that I just could not do it but by all means, give it a try.

All in all, you have to put yourself out there. And believe it or not, this might be one of your only options during this tear-jerking winter season. MY OH MY, best of luck!