• By: OLM Staff

Online K-cinema screening of the “Kingmaker”

In Korea, domestic movies regularly outperform North American films. The international success of Oscar-winning films like Parasite is a testament to the quality of the movies produced in Korea's hundred-year-old film industry.

The Korean Cultural Centre Canada (KCC) does a great job of promoting friendship and understanding between Korea and Canada. The latest event being hosted by the KCC is a virtual screening of the political thriller Kingmaker by director Byun Sung-hyun.

The film is about the relationship of two very different men and their roles in bringing about a change of government. Dreaming of changing the world, Seo Chang-dae takes part in Kim Woon-bum’s presidential campaign, where he adopts a very aggressive propaganda campaign and makes Woon-bum the strongest candidate in the opposition party. Ambitious Chang-dae thinks unjust means are necessary for politics, but Woon-bum firmly disagrees. While their conflict deepens, the ruling party secretly contacts Chang-dae to recruit him.

The KCC is presenting a free virtual screening of Kingmaker from Wednesday, June 22nd to Tuesday, June 28th via the VIMEO platform. The screening is available for streaming only within Canada. 

Click this link to sign up. Once registered, you will be emailed the link, a PROMO CODE to access the film for free, and viewing instructions to access the movie. Once you activate your code, you will have 48 hours to watch the film. Please note that Kingmaker is PG-15.

  • RSVP required for link and promo code
  • Registration deadline: Fri, June. 24th
  • Limited tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information and an RSVP link, CLICK HERE.

Watch the movie trailer: