• By: Allen Brown

Ontario Property Managers Save 15 to 35 Per Cent With Smart Valve™

Canada is a land blessed by a cornucopia of natural resources, but utility bills don’t often reflect that reality.

Energy and water are abundant, from Alberta’s oil patch to the rivers generating tremendous amounts of hydroelectric power. Freshwater rivers and lakes are part of nearly every landscape.

Five famous names sum up the immensity of Canada’s water resources: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. By total area, this is the largest group of freshwater lakes on the planet, with more than a fifth of all the freshwater in the world.

To property managers in Ottawa and across Ontario, this can sound very theoretical. Whether they manage a hotel, multi-residential structure, office complex, commercial building or retail property, they have seen utility costs soar over the past decade, with no end in sight. These costs have become so substantial that many of these properties can no longer sustain profitable businesses.

In fact, some of the highest Ontario water rates are seen in cities and towns within the Great Lakes watershed, including Thunder Bay on Lake Superior, Windsor on Lake St. Clair, Kingston on Lake Ontario, and Chatham-Kent on Lake Erie.

In this environment there are only two ways to stay afloat: Conserve or seek greater efficiency. With Smart Valve™, many property managers have been able to do both.

Distributed by Canadian Water Savings Inc., the engineered valve is saving an average of 15 to 35 percent in water costs for the 20,0000 businesses across North America that have installed it in their buildings.

It achieves this by the application of leading-edge technology. Here’s how it works: Whenever water flows through any faucet, air is mixed with the water. This happens naturally as a result of the turbulence created when water accelerates through pipes. This air adds volume to what is measured by water meters, driving up costs.

The Smart Valve™ removes air from the water system. It does this by creating back pressure that reduces turbulence, maintaining an even flow through the pipes. Without the air bubbles in the water, there’s less total volume for a water meter to measure.

An array of case studies demonstrates the dramatic savings property managers have reported, cutting utility bills by thousands of dollars each month.

One example Canadian Water Savings cites is a condominium complex in Toronto that trimmed 28 percent from its previous baseline water usage cost. That was a monthly savings of nearly $2,000. Smart Valve™ actually improved its efficiency over the initial three-month period, as the water system for the complex adjusted to its installation.

Given the documented cost savings, Smart Valve™ is an easy sell to property managers whose utility costs have been increasingly difficult to manage. Canadian Water Savings’ airtight guarantee has added to the popularity of the product: If water cost savings don’t meet or exceed 15 percent, the company will remove the valve free of charge.

That’s a simple process, as the valve is easy to install. The valve can be put in place quickly, with no interruption of a building’s water flow.

For more information on the Smart Valve™ go to Canadian Water Savings or call: 1.855.237.2669.