• By: OLM Staff

Ontario’s Newest Folk Star

Fiddler, singer, and step dancer April Verch is emerging into Ontario’s music spotlight! Recognized for her blissful voice, lively dancing and striking performances, her upcoming appearance at the National Arts Centre (NAC) is not one to miss!

With impressive reviews coming from newspapers like the Huffington Post and Toronto Star, there is no doubt that the April Verch Band (April Verch, Cody Walters and Hayes Griffin) will raise the bar for folk music.

_8117039-EditGrowing up surrounded by music and dance, Verch says she loved performing when she was young and knew she wanted to be a professional musician.

It’s inside of the addition to her families’ Ottawa Valley home; a room nicknamed “The Newpart,” that she found lasting inspiration.

Inside of this space, she once spent endless amounts of time sharpening her skills and exploring music. She returned to the room with her band to compose and practice their newest album, also named The Newpart.

Verch explains this added an element of ‘home’ to each song. Since the 2015 album release, The Newpart has become a turning point in the musicians’ career.

The album revisits bluegrass and folk songs, each and every one warranting its place on the album.

“These songs don’t need to be revived,” Verch says. “They are timeless. They are still very much alive and relevant.”

If you’ve already listened to the album you’ll know that Verch isn’t just any other small town musician, she’s created a timeless folk soundtrack; its sound will bring you home no matter where you are.

On Saturday, May 2, the April Verch Band will be performing live in Ottawa at the Ontario Scene Festival. Buy your tickets here!