OSMOW’S Celebrates National Shawarma Day with a Delicious Deal

When Ottawa and food appear in the same sentence, it is almost always followed by the word shawarma. At least, anybody who lives in the 613 goes to it right away. Shawarma is a Middle Eastern delicacy that says the National Capital region as much as poutine and BeaverTails. A convenient, nutritious, and quick meal on the go or when time allows, shawarma meat is also delicious on the ROCKS (rice) or with STIX (fries).

Ottawa has a lively debate about the best place for Shawarma in the city, but there is no debate nationally. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant chain OSMOW’S was founded in Streetsville, Ontario, twenty-two years ago by then-recently arrived immigrant Sam Osmow.

Osmow wanted to open a restaurant that would bring the intense flavours and culinary tradition of Egyptian cooking, with its tender meats and savoury sauces, like everybody’s favourite garlic sauce — traditionally called Garlic S’Oz — together with dishes that would balance and be perfect for the North American palate.

OSMOW’S makes its shawarma a little differently than other Mediterranean restaurants. While most carve the meat off a spit right onto the dish, OSMOW’S puts the meat on a flat-top grill and caramelizes it so it has a nice crust and is perfectly crispy while at the same time remaining juicy on the inside.

It’s evidently a winning combination since OSMOW’S now has over 160 franchise locations across North America. OSMOW’S also offers some great options you can’t find at other Shawarma chains, like lamb and Beyond Meat, and fusions of North American-style sandwiches and Mediterranean-style wraps, like their Philly cheese steak wrap. In addition, they offer wraps in pita’s thinner and crispier cousin, Saj Bread, a must-try.

In Ottawa, we love our shawarma. To salute the third annual National Shawarma Day on October 15th, OSMOW’S is calling all carnivores, vegetarians, spice lovers, and everyone in between to toast the day by raising a shawarma.

On this day, from Montreal to Miami, Buffalo to British Columbia, OSMOW’S is offering their delicious shawarma for just $5! This great deal is a throwback to when Sam Osmow opened his first location in 2001. The price is the original cost of a delicious shawarma circa 2001.

When you go to get your shawarma wrap, try the Garlic S’Oz or OSMOW’S special Scorchin’ Hot S’Oz, a favourite with fans of the chains or opt for the shawarma meat on the ROCKS to get all the meat flavours and tasty sauces while carbing-up with some delicious fluffy and flavourful rice.

Not only is OSMOW’S offering this sweet and savoury deal on Mediterranean food, but they’re also encouraging other Shawarma restaurants to partake to truly make it national Shawarma Day, not just an OSMOW’s Shawarma Day.

Share photos of your shawarma using the hashtag #NationalShawarmaDay to help local restaurants, casual hole-in-the-wall spots, and local businesses that bring so much multicultural character and flavour to North American cities.

OSMOW believes in giving back and will be on National Shawarma Day. Through the OSMOW’S Hope Fund initiative, the company supports children in need by raising funds to provide them with daily meals in schools in Zambia, India, and Pakistan. Since 2021, OSMOWS has raised over $200,000, with 100 percent of proceeds going towards the communities they support.

On October 15th, do the most Ottawa thing possible and get a shawarma for a fantastic price, then be sure to post and share your #NationalShawarmaDay stories!

For more information on OSMOW’S, visit osmows.com