Ottawa-Based Artist Lesia Maruschak Exhibits New Photographic Series “BELONGING: Somewhere/Nowhere” In Ukraine

A photo from the “BELONGING: somewhere / nowhere” exhibit. All photos by Lesia Maruschak.

It’s not very common for a Canadian artist to present their work at the Art-Zavod Platforma in Kiev. In fact, when Lesia Maruschak’s new exhibit “BELONGING: somewhere / nowhere” opens there on July 15, it will be the first Canadian exhibit in the Ukrainian gallery’s history.

A photo from the “BELONGING: somewhere / nowhere” exhibit.

This premiere collaboration between the Art-Zavod and Maruschak, asks whether we can truly belong in a world with contested borders. With her exhibition, Lesia Maruschak lets the attendants explore shifting senses of identity and belonging in an increasingly globalized and mobile world. Her work presents spaces where culture, history, place and spatial embodiment are partially dislocated. “BELONGING: somewhere / nowhere” shows minimalist landscapes with ground surfaces and photographic objects that visualize a field between invisibility and visibility and explore thoughts about the phases of life, belonging and self. The exhibition opens July 15 and runs until August 21, 2016.

A photo from the “BELONGING: somewhere / nowhere” exhibit.

Lesia Maruschak is a photography-based visual artist and curator who lives and practices in Ottawa, Canada. In 2015, she founded her own studio in Ottawa, where she continues her national and international collaborative projects. Maruschak co-founded BART: The North American Centre for Byzantine Arts with George Kordis in 2015. In 2016 she was awarded a Chelsea International Art Competition Prize in Chelsea, New York. Her work is currently being exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery Art Screen in London, England. You can find out more about her by visiting