Ottawa Board of Trade survey hones in on candidate views on key local business issues 

By Sueling Ching, President & CEO | Ottawa Board of Trade

On June 2, 2022, voters will decide which party will govern Ontario for the next session of the provincial parliament. The election is an opportunity to use our voice and our voting power to define the future of our province and city. The Ottawa Board of Trade encourages all Ottawa residents, business, and community leaders to be involved, be informed, and invite others to do the same. Leadership, policy, and priorities matter — now, for our future and for the next generation. Each citizen has a role and responsibility in this election.

The Ottawa Board of Trade is the voice of business and a key advocate for growth in the Nation’s Capital with a mission to cultivate a thriving world class business community, one that drives community prosperity and an inclusive, sustainable economy. To that end that we released Vote Prosperity in partnership with our colleagues in the Ontario Chamber network.

A business led recovery including a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation will drive a prosperous and resilient community in Ottawa and across Ontario.

Then we launched BUILD UP OTTAWA! This priority setting growth agenda is based in the knowledge that a thriving world class business community equals a strong and vibrant city for all.

The last two years of change and challenge have created many opportunities for growing, learning, and planning for a better future. One that will require a high level of collaboration, innovation, and strategic investments. Now is the time to be bold and create an environment that leverages the ingenuity and success of business to drive community health and prosperity.

In this provincial election, we advocate for a pro-growth agenda built around making our Nation’s Capital more affordable, inclusive, and sustainable. To that end, we are seeking leaders who are committed to keep Ottawa growing by making substantial and urgently required investments in critical infrastructure, reducing the cost of doing business, and building the affordable homes that will make our city a magnet for entrepreneurs, investors, and talent.

We encourage all Ottawa voters to look for leaders who will advocate passionately for the following key priorities to 1) Build confidence, 2) Invest for the future and 3) Inspire inclusivity.

The Ottawa Board of Trade have defined Ottawa’s Top 5 priorities and invited a candidate from each party to be interviewed to share whether or not they support the following objectives:

1. Build For Growth: Commit capital funds to finish Light Rail Transit Phase 3 and build the New Campus Development at the Ottawa Hospital. Connecting Kanata and Barrhaven to the rest of the city supports our climate and inclusivity agenda while making the city more attractive to investment and talent. A state-of-the-art healthcare facility ensures our growing population is well served and healthy while attracting businesses and residents seeking amenities.

2. Build More Homes: Streamline development approval processes and incentivize the municipal government to accelerate approvals to get more inventory, faster. This will positively impact the market pricing of homes to attract talent and residents. Commit to a substantial investment over the next four years to build housing that meets the demand of families who require social support to increase their security and ability to contribute productively within our community.

3. Build Targeted Skills: Expand programs to recruit and train workers for the skilled trades and professions where existing and forecasted labour and talent shortages are identified, including but not limited to construction, health, hospitality, and technology.

4. Build Our Downtown: Provide incentives to economic stakeholders, property owners, developers, and businesses to revitalize buildings and services in Ottawa’s downtown which was once occupied full time by one quarter of Ottawa’s employee base and is the centre of our culture and visitor economy.

5. Build Small Business: 1) Provide targeted financial support for the hardest hit sectors, 2) expand programs that support digitization and access to new markets and 3) create programs for diverse entrepreneurs including businesses owned by women, Indigenous and racialized entrepreneurs, and those with disabilities.

In addition, we asked each of them . . .

  • What are your top 3 priorities for building Ottawa’s future?
  • What are the top 3 most important leadership qualities our business community should look for in a candidate?

All completed survey results can be found here.

We invite you to act now! Learn more at  Please share these priorities with your network and local candidates. Most importantly, vote for a pro-growth agenda on June 2, 2022!

The future of Ottawa starts now.  Together, let’s build for people . . .  for business . . . for life . . . for growth.

About the Ottawa Board of Trade

The Ottawa Board of Trade is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan member driven business association. We are the voice of business and key advocate for economic growth in our Nation’s Capital. Our mission is to cultivate a thriving world class business community in Ottawa by influencing economic development through leadership and partnerships. We advocate key priorities at all three levels of government and support business growth through relevant benefits and programs. Join us today!