• By: OLM Staff

Ottawa Catholic Teachers

Ottawa Life has featured a few of the almost 45,000 Ontario Catholic teachers working in schools across the province of Ontario. They are passionate about education, inspiring students in the classroom and beyond! Click on the photos below to read their stories. 

Clicking with students in both official language

by Michael Bussiere

Fostering knowledge, equity and a true sense of belonging

By Micheal Bussiere

Ottawa Catholic Teacher Gabriel Leury brings a love of the arts to the classroom

by Micheal Bussiere

Ottawa Catholic Teacher Antoinette Nehme champions democracy and multiculturism

By Michael Bussiere

Could the collision course of school reopening and pandemic second wave have been avoided

By Liz Stuart

Deep Learning Through Music

by Michael Bussiere

Alyson Reid-Larade: A teacher with a passion for education

by Hilary Thomson

Digital tools prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges

by OLM staff