• By: Tori McNeely

Ottawa Dental Society has you covered at Ribfest 2019

Photo credit: Sparks Street 

Every summer, Ottawa hosts a handful of amazing food festivals from poutine to Asian food to mac and cheese.

If BBQ ribs and chicken doesn’t scream summer, then I don’t know what does. This Friday through until Sunday, Sparks Street will be lined with award-winning vendors who have travelled from all over to serve up some of the best BBQ in the world.

While Ottawa Ribfest is perhaps one of the most mouth-watering food festivals in Ottawa, it is also the messiest! Napkins and wet wipes aren’t the only things you’re going to want to carry around with you. As any seasoned barbecuer would know, it's unavoidable that food will gather in between the teeth – a feeling that drives many of us insane. Thankfully, Ottawa Dental Society is here to save the day (and some teeth)!

In preparation for their upcoming 125th anniversary, members of the Ottawa Dental Society have decided to hand out floss to the attending guests of Ribfest to make their experience even more enjoyable.

“The Ottawa Dental Society has been dedicated to community service over its long 124 year history, so we are thrilled to be participating in Ribfest 2019,” said Dr. Micaela Fitzgerald, Ottawa Dental Society President. “Few people think to pack the floss when heading to a festival but eating ribs is all about messy fingers and messy teeth. Floss helps to get those pieces out from in between your teeth and at the same time promotes healthy gums.”

This weekend, sample some of the best BBQ chicken and ribs you’ll ever taste! Ottawa Dental Society will be there on Thursday from 1-8pm, Friday from 1-8pm and Saturday from 1-4pm handing out free dental floss so make sure to grab yours!

It’s going to be finger-licking good!

About the Ottawa Dental Society

The Ottawa Dental Society is a voluntary professional organization representing the dentists of the Ottawa Region. It is dedicated to the highest ethical standards, involvement in the community, the promotion of exemplary oral health care and the attainment of optimal health for the people of the Ottawa Region.