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2017 is a particularly important and significant year for Canada as the country is celebrating their 150th year anniversary of Confederation. On the 1st July in 1867 there existed all but four provinces that made up the new Dominion of Canada and these included New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. The other provinces joined over time, however the unification of the colonies under the British North America Act in 1867 is still celebrated and seen to be important to this very day. Why not make the 150th year of celebration for Canada all the more special by attending one of the following exciting events in Ottawa this coming summer?

Canada Day Celebrations

1st July

A trip to Canada this summer would not be complete without taking part in the exiting Canada Day Celebrations that take place throughout Ottawa and Canada as a whole. From events such as the grand reveal at the National Arts Centre, opening of the new exhibit in the Canadian Museum of History, Bryan Adams free concert on the Hill and fireworks that perfectly round off the day- Canada Day celebrations are a once in a lifetime! Canadians are known for their good humour and hospitality so you are sure to be welcomed into events on the day- this is the ideal time to let loose and have some fun.

Interprovincial Picnic On The Bridge

2nd July

Once you have recovered and rested from the events of the Canada Day celebrations, you will most certainly want to make your way to the Interprovincial Picnic on the Bridge which offers the most perfect picnic spots that look over Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River. The Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge walkway is always covered in sod, ready and waiting for those looking to socialize and have fun in the sunshine on the bridge.

RBC Bluesfest

July 6th – 16th

Over the course of the two weeks in which this festival is held you will be able to see some of the world’s best, biggest and most creative artists perform across five stages laid out across the Ottawa River banks and inside the Canadian War Museum. These beautiful stage settings are sure to add to the delight and atmosphere created by the artists at Bluesfest.

Big Names Coming to Lansdowne

21st August

This large scale outdoor event is perfect for music lovers and features the likes of both national and international artists. Tickets are on sale for the event now and with headliners like Guns N’ Roses and Our Lady Peace set to rock the concert; you are certainly in for a good show!  

VOLTA BY Cirque Du Soleil

August 3rd– 27th

Cirque Du Soleil leaves people in awe all over the world and have now created a brand new show called VOLTA to take place on a Zibi site near Portage Bridge. The show is literally going to be overlooking the pretty Ottawa River, which is sure to add to the magic of the occasion!

If you are from out of town and looking to make Ottawa your next holiday destination, then be sure that you are equipped with Canada’s requirement of an Electronic Travel Authorisation (or eTA) document which is not too dissimilar from the ESTA visa required when visiting the USA. This most recent procedure was implemented in 2016 and is a must when booking your travel to Canada.