• By: Kat Walcott

Ottawa Gets a Lesson in K-Beauty at Korean Cultural Centre Canada

Photos by Kat Wallcott

Makeup fans came out in full force for the special event hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre Canada, in collaboration with The FaceShop, this past Saturday. Continuing with the centre’s goal to bring a piece of South Korea to Ottawa through various community events, including movie nights and K-pop festivals, this event spotlighted another booming area of Korean popular culture; beauty and makeup.

Korean beauty, or K-beauty for short, has been trending for a while now, with worldwide-popular products such as sheet masks, BB cream and cushion foundation all having origins in the Korean beauty market. With the expansion of top Korean beauty retailer The FaceShop into Canada, it's popularity just continues to boom.

In terms of the difference between North American and Korean makeup trends, local The FaceShop manager Alexia Jasmin-Scott explains that while in North America there is a focus on glam, contoured and bronzy looks, in Korea there is more of an emphasis on youthfulness and softness.

"Straight eyebrows as opposed to defined arches and pinky-peach blush instead of bronzer are trendy in Korea," says Jasmin-Scott describing some of the ways Korean beauty techniques differ from their Western counterparts.

Guests were treated to two live makeup tutorials to demonstrate these techniques; a fresh-faced daytime look and a glam, yet still simple, evening look. The base of both looks was moisturized, bright skin which was achieved with the use of high quality moisturizer, facial oils and water-based foundation from The FaceShop's vast line of products.

During the event, guests were enthusiastic to share what they love most about K-beauty, with 23-year-old student and beauty lover Kayla saying, "I love how inclusive and vast the products are, that they're mild enough for sensitive skin, and that they're affordable."

K-beauty has made its mark in the Ottawa community and doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. With the success of this event, the Korean Cultural Centre Canada announced that they have plans to host more beauty events in the future.