Ottawa Life at TIFF – Festival Survival Tips

Ottawa Life Magazine's resident film buff Keith Whittier is on the scene as our correspondent for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). He's been there for a few days and has come up with some festival survival tips!

I have been going to the Toronto International Film Festival for many years and I would like to provide some tips to make sure your festival experience is a great one.

In no particular order, they are:

Bring a friend
Going to TIFF is a lot of fun but it’s better when you have company. It also helps when you are navigating the long lines and someone might need to use the facilities.

Bring water
We need you hydrated.

Prepare for the Q&A
When you are setting up your schedule keep in mind many of these screenings will have Q&A’s with the directors and cast after the film. Budget this time into your schedule.

The long lines are your friend
If you see many films chances are you will spend a lot of time in lines so make the most of it.

The volunteers are the best
While people come out to see the stars, it's the volunteers (who are all around, unnoticed by the general public) whose amazing contributions make the festival what it is. Take time to say hi.

Bookmark the TIFF Website
The best way to plan your festival

Download the TIFF app / follow TIFF on Twitter.
They have a lot of useful information. I would even turn notifications on.

Set your alarm for 6:50 am
Every morning at 7am during the festival TIFF releases tickets to screenings. So if the movie you wanted to see is full then check back on the morning it is supposed to show.

Seating location is key
If you are in the Ryerson or Elgin Theatres sit near the front. It’s the best spot to be in for Q&A’s