Ottawa Police Service incompetence results in tragic death of Bane the puppy

Bane, a nine-month-old puppy, succumbed on 20 January to the indifference of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). On three separate occasions neighbours frantically called the 911 operator to report the puppy’s distress and to offer recordings of the screams as supporting evidence of animal cruelty. The OPS dispatched officers to respond to the first two calls. They made cursory investigations at Bane’s home, on both occasions they neglected to examine the dog or interview the neighbours who reported the abuse. The 911 operator failed to dispatch the OPS to the third and final call made on Bane’s behalf. The OPS reviewed the incident response because of public outcry but found no evidence of misconduct on the OPS or 911 operator’s part.

The horrific torture and beating death of a young pup in the City of Ottawa speaks volumes about the abysmal way this city deals with the abuse of animals be they wildlife or domestic. It is an appalling situation because anyone who would torture and kill a young dog in this manner is a person who is mentally deranged. There is a substantial body of research that shows that serial killers have a history of killing young animals as a prelude to the killing of people. It is the clearest warning sign society has that a person will eventually turn those violent tendencies toward human beings. Despite this fact we turn a blind eye to the killing of animals because they are not human beings. It is quite frankly sickening, and the death of the young dog Bane is without doubt one of the worst examples of animal abuse in the history of Ottawa. 

What is even more egregious is the incompetent way in which the OPS responded when they got 911 calls from residents who heard the young pup’s cries of distress. The response of the OPS to the frantic people who called the OPS for help clearly indicates that this police agency should be shuttered permanently.  Given the number of police officers working in the OPS who are facing charges under either the Police Services Act of Ontario or the Criminal Code of Canada is so widespread its beyond comprehension.  Sadly, because of the preponderance of cases of police misconduct which are amongst the worst in Canada, poor leadership and lax oversight that goes out of its way to excuse misconduct, the Ottawa Police Service does not have the respect of the public.  In recent years it has shown time and again that its incapable of meeting the needs of residents in the City of Ottawa and the beating death of this young dog proves this beyond any reasonable doubt.

The public have been told that a preliminary review by the OPS into the young dog’s death indicates that they have found no evidence of misconduct by any of the officers involved.  I am not surprised because that is exactly what you get when you allow police to investigate police.  Anyone can see that this is a conflict of interest and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Why is this allowed to go on?  Residents should be demanding answers from their elected representatives and especially from those individuals who sit on the Ottawa Police Services Board who have a history of saying and doing nothing. 

As I reside in Nepean, on May 21, 2021, I sent a letter to my City Councillor Keith Egli demanding to know what he was going to do about this situation. I pointed out that many people believe that Ottawa has one of the worst police services in the province if not the country and that the way the OPS responded to the calls from horrified residents who could hear the dog being beaten is irrevocable proof of this rot. 

As the Ottawa Citizen pointed out one of the police officers who responded to the calls from distressed residents was none other than Constable Nermin Mesic who has a history of convictions for discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act of Ontario including according to the Ottawa Citizen a threat to kill his tenant. It is incredulous that such a person is still policing in this City, but it clearly illustrates the extent, nature, and depth of the dysfunctionality of  the OPS and their ‘leadership’. In my letter to Egli I pointed out that “despite the fact neighbours called the police on three separate occasions to report the beating of the pup that nothing was done’. I pointed out that according to the Ottawa Citizen’s account of the incident the responding officer did not interview the neighbours, did not check on the well-being of the dog, did not listen to the audio tapes which the neighbours recorded of the dog screaming in pain and made no attempt to remove the dog or take it to a veterinarian. Despite this the OPS will tell you that their officers committed no misconduct. Really? Are we to believe this when the officers who responded did absolutely nothing to prevent this young dog’s death by physically removing it from the premises?

We also learned that when a third call was made to the OPS by another resident that the dispatcher refused to send the police. This is appalling.  As I told Egli: ‘As my councillor you can demand accountability. As a councillor you can demand change, reform, and competent leadership from the people in charge. When you sit back and say and do nothing it gives the impression that you are countenancing this pathology which is what it is.” I finished my letter to Egli (which by the way he never replied to) by stating ‘For starters how about calling out publicly for the firing of the dispatcher who refused to send police when they received a third call from another resident in the building who could hear the dog being beaten.

It is unacceptable for the residents of Ottawa to be paying top dollar for a police agency that is dysfunctional, often incompetent and  embarrassment to this City. What does the OPSB, and OPS and OPS Chief Peter Sloly expect is going to happen when they send a constable back on the job who has threatened to kill someone and ‘spill blood’. Does anyone really think that a person who says that should be a cop. The death of the puppy Bane by torture is linked to the non-response of the police.

When the Ottawa Police cannot even prevent a young dog from being beaten to death how can anyone trust them?