Ottawa refuses to believe that people with disabilities matter

This week, I want to tackle a few issues. In a way, they’re all connected, at least, in my brain.

First and foremost, how about this weather? Please don’t shoot me for a lame question.

We had a major snowstorm last week for those of you outside of Ottawa, and it’s been bitter cold almost every day since.

While the city of Ottawa can’t control the weather, they can undoubtedly control (within reason) what they do with the snow & where they put it.

Over the past week, I’ve seen several pics and videos of snow-covered sidewalks and huge snow piles.

While I saw all this, a local newscast praised the city for its excellent snow removal effort. Am I missing something here?

Sadly, no.

As I’ve mentioned many times, both the media and the city regularly like to pretend that people with disabilities don’t exist and that we never leave our homes.

Well, here’s a BREAKING NEWS story for them:

People with disabilities go out every day. As with everyone on this planet, our lives still roll on. Granted, PWD may do things differently, but we still have places to go, people to see, and things to do.

It’s time that both the media and the city accept it, and better acknowledge the PWD community in Ottawa.

The city of Ottawa needs to do a better job of clearing sidewalks, bike paths, and bus stops. Also, please stop piling snow sky-high. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten stuck trying to get on and off Para Transpo. Clearing snow away isn’t part of a Para Transpo driver’s job either.

This leads to my next topic.

It has come to my attention that some Para Transpo drivers still aren’t wearing masks. Also, Para Transpo is continuing to allow users that have symptoms of Covid to board their buses.

Seriously, OC Transpo, and the city?

Are you trying to decrease the local PWD population so you can spend even less money on us?

As far-fetched as it may sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. For further proof, please feel free to check out my many discussions on here regarding Para Transpo, and how the city treats PWD.

As some may be aware, back in December 2021, the city of Ottawa offered free public transportation, including Para Transpo.

For those that took any type of public transportation during the month of December, Ottawa Transit Riders have released a survey wanting to hear about your experience.

To access the survey, please go to

It only takes a few minutes to do, and it’s an opportunity for your voices to be heard.

As I mentioned last week, I was in self isolation due to one of my caregivers testing positive for Covid. I’m pleased to report that I finished it last Wednesday. I never got any symptoms, so as far as that, everything’s fine.

However, I have a question that’s been weighing on my mind. I figured that I’d ask my readers as well.

Do you believe that the caregiver should apologize to me for putting me at risk, and forcing me to self-isolate?

Before you answer, let me explain.

As we’ve all seen or heard by now, there have been several incidents of people, including healthcare workers, attending parties and events during the pandemic, often times, not wearing masks.

Again, I’m not saying that this specific caregiver did that, or would do that. In a situation like this, my brain tends to default to the darker side.

What if I had symptoms and ended up in the hospital? Would it be wrong of me to want an apology? What about now, even though I didn’t get sick?

Even without symptoms, my anxiety spiked, and I had several sleepless nights. While I may be fine physically, my mental health took a hit. Even as I type this, I’m feeling pretty tired due to anxiety.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. As always, I can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Don’t be shy.