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Ottawa’s first hair art show coming to SAW Gallery this February

The Moving Art Gallery has joined forces with Hors Pair Social to invite Ottawa-Gatineau creatives and art lovers to Ottawa’s Premier Black Hair Art Show at Club SAW on February 5th and 6th, 2023. 

Hair is a medium that Black folks use to express creativity, to preserve history, and it is seen as a symbol of resilience. CRÉPU OUR DNA aims to explore these ideas through photography, film, discussion, and performance. The two-day exhibit will highlight works by Bobby Brugal, Dion Prints, Francesca Désulmé, Stephane Alexis, Yodit Michele, and Oladimeji Odunsi.

This collaborative effort by two Black Woman-led organizations is a unique arts experience for everyone in Ottawa to experience.

About The Show

The National Capital lacks Black representation in visual arts. CRÉPU OUR DNA aims to tackle this issue by exploring an essential element of Black life: hair. CRÉPU OUR DNA is the first-ever exhibit in Ottawa to feature Black hair art—a historic moment for the city.

With selections from local artists and engagement from community builders, the show aims to create a space dedicated to the cultural practice of hairdressing in the Black community. Founder of the Moving Art Gallery and event co-organizer Sandra Ngenge Dusabe describes the goal of the event by saying, “Making the arts accessible to people of my community, specifically Black Canadians, is my biggest passion–Ottawa’s creative scene has always been a type of DIY project, and I want to push for it to enter the mainstream.” 

About The Moving Art Gallery & Hors Pair Social

Founded in 2020, the Moving Art Gallery is an Independent art gallery with a mission to highlight women and Black people in the arts. Built off the need for representation in the Canadian arts, the artist-run gallery creates community by creating a safe space for marginalized communities. The Moving Art Gallery's most recent show, GirlShow, was an immense success.

Hors Pair Social hosts curated social events in Ottawa that cater to Black persons. It has been nominated for the 2023 Ottawa Awards by FACES Magazine.

The Details

Date: February 5 & 6, 2023
Location: Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa
Admission: Tickets are priced at a suggested $17.31. Guests can opt for a Pay-What-You-Can ticket or provide a donation that goes directly to the organizers. • Click here to purchase tickets

CRÉPU OUR DNA was made possible through sponsorship by local businesses and organizations, including the City of Ottawa, Youth Action Now, Arts Net Ottawa, Cloré Beauty Supply, Debaser, Ottawa Black Art Kollective (OBAK), and David’s Tea.

Photo: The Moving Art Gallery

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