Jordan Pizzuti visited Smash Daddy on Preston and writes that their Smash Burger has won him over.

Ottawa’s Viral Burger Truck Is Worth The Hype

The weather is finally warming up in the capital, which means food truck season is upon us. Soon, parking lots everywhere will be filled with hungry people looking to try something new, quick, and, of course, delicious!

Those of you who read my Umbrella Burger article know that I consider myself somewhat of a burger connoisseur, crowning smash burgers as the king of burgers. You also know that I named Umbrella Burger the best burger in the city. Well, a new king has been crowned.

While Umbrella Burger continues to deserve its flowers, and I recommend checking it out, this new paternally named food truck on Preston Street has taken the city—and my heart—by storm.

Smash Daddy, a brand new food truck located in a parking lot on the corner of Preston and Louisa, is a family-owned business that serves up juicy smash burgers, crispy fries, and several other delicious bites that Instagram influencers are raving about.

Chef and owner Richard gave me the story of Smash Daddy’s inception. While washing up with a Shark Tank-famous Scrub Daddy after having made smash buggers, the idea came to him. From then on, he was on a mission to create the best burger in the City of Ottawa.

So, what makes this burger so special? It’s just a burger, right? Wrong!

Smash Daddy has created a proprietary, special blend of grass-fed beef with a unique 25% fat content. This makes for a burger with a perfect marriage of juiciness and crispy edges. The meat is also 100 percent Halal.

According to Richard, despite operating a food truck, his family and he are committed to offering the highest-quality food and creating an experience that keeps people coming back.

So, let’s break this burger down in more detail.

The beef mixture was chosen specifically to create the best Maillard reaction—that beautiful crust we all look for in a piece of meat. The two patties are pressed into shaved onions and grilled Oklahoma style (a unique technique that caramelizes the onions right into the patty), sandwiched between a soft and sweet brioche bun, topped with American cheese (the only right option for a smash burger), house-made dill pickle, and their Smash Daddy burger sauce; creating the perfect balance of salty, acidic, and all around delicious.

The burger took months to perfect. Richard spared no expense while doing his research—eating at various burger joints and joints with burgers around the city, trying to figure out what he wanted in his smash burger. The process definitely paid off. From beef choice to seasoning levels, all the way to the introduction of their Wagyu smash burger, every decision in the development of Smash Daddy’s final product was made with a purpose.

So, at this point, you’re asking, how much does quality cost? And the truth is, not that much.

The double-patty classic burger is only $13. Adding a huge portion of Smash seasoned fries for $6 provides an awesome food truck meal for only $19, leaving your stomach and wallet full.

Smash Daddy demonstrates that you can create simple, delicious food and elevate it through the choice of prime ingredients and care of preparation while offering it at an affordable price for the masses.

Little Italy has become a premier location for all things food and drink in the city, and it just got better with the addition of Smash Daddy.

Get off the couch, make your way to Preston Street, and do your taste buds the favour of flavour!

I promise, Richard and his family will take good care of you.

Find Smash Daddy next to the Leonardo da Vinci mural at 298 Preston Street, online at smashdaddy613 and follow them on Instagram @smashdaddy613.