Ottawa’s group of fashion bloggers and social media mavens has grown in the past year, with some notable departures as people move on — often to Toronto — but the overall fashion community remains a force to be reckoned with. We’re highlighting some mainstays who have graced these pages in the past along with style influencers who have surpassed the Ottawa bubble and have followers from around the globe. Check out these five favourite fashionistas who rule in the beauty and style world.

Katie Hession


Q How would you define your style?

Style should reflect your personality. I wear a mix of things that are fun-loving, adventurous, a wee bit quirky with a hint of rebelliousness. I’m drawn to pieces with interesting cuts, colours and textures and love putting together outfits that I haven’t seen on anyone else. I also love defying the stereotype of how a mom dresses.

Q What are the top trends you’re wearing for 2018?

Sparkles and metallic fabrics have been going strong for a while now and I’m loving how they’re creeping their way in to daytime fashion. I’m also surprised at how much I’m enjoying the revival of certain 90s trends and recently purchased a great pair of utility boots similar to the 8-hole Doc Martens I bought at Rock Junction when I was in high school. With Pantone’s announcement of Ultra-Violet as the colour of 2018, I’m looking forward to adding hues of purple to my wardrobe, lavender especially.

Q What are some of your favourite shops around Ottawa?

Viens Avec Moi Boutique owners Sophie and Renee do such a great job curating their shop. It’s hard to pop in without walking out with something new. I love how they’ve transformed their boutique in to a collaborative space by welcoming in other local businesses to set up shop: Preloved Ottawa with trendy consignment clothing, Pollen Nation with their stunning floral arrangements and planters, and Goods Shop with a slew of locally made gifts and home decor.

Q What do you wish people would stop wearing? Why?

I find it distracting when someone is wearing something that they either keep pulling at or adjusting. I’m a firm believer that you should always feel comfortable in the clothes you’re in and that they should fit properly. Confidence is your most important accessory.

Dominique Baker      


Q: How would you define your style?

My style is pretty classic and feminine. I’ve incorporated a bit more colour in my wardrobe (loving this mustard/gold trend), and invested more in quality accessories. I also took the time to find makeup colours that really work for me. As a result, I feel I look better and more refreshed. Lastly, I’ve expanded my shoe collection and I’m glad I did. It’s really elevated my wardrobe.

Q: What are the top trends you’re wearing for 2018?

Definitely velvet, especially in pale pink and mustard. Sounds crazy  but these colours are so flattering and velvet is so luxe. I’m also really feeling Gucci like the rest of the world right now.

Q: What are some of your favourite shops around Ottawa?

I love Aritzia, a Canadian-born company, and shop there often. When I want pieces that no one else has, I hit up Viens Avec Moi Boutique in Westboro. I also love Saaboon, a handmade soap company on Gladstone.

Erin Graham


 Q: What does #OttawaStyle mean to you?

I think Ottawa Style is showcasing your personality through fashion. I think Ottawa is becoming much more fashion forward as a city, and it’s amazing to see.

Q: How would you define your style?

I would define my style as very simple, minimal, and classic. I really believe that less is more when it comes to fashion and I tend to fall for more timeless pieces.

Q: What are the top trends you’re wearing for 2018?

I’m not too big into fashion trends, but I can always get behind stripes
or floral prints.

Q: What are some of your favourite shops around Ottawa?

You can usually find me in the ByWard Market or at the Rideau Centre. Most of my following is from the United States so I try to shop at stores that are accessible to them as well since they usually ask about the pieces
I wear.

Q: Favourite must-have accessory?

Definitely a watch. It’s a classic piece that goes well with any outfit whether you’re dressed up or down.

Marilou Moles


Q: What does #OttawaStyle mean to you?

#OttawaStyle is understated elegance. It doesn’t have to be loud to be proud.

Q: How would you define your style?

I favour clean lines, simple silhouettes and elegant accessories. I do wear the famous sartorial statement pieces, like faux fur and massive jewellery when the circumstance calls for it, but in general I prefer classic pieces like tailored coats and pencil skirts, figure enhancing sheath dresses or a pair of well-worn skinny jeans topped with a pin-stripe blazer — and always with high heels.

Q: Favourite must-have accessory?

I can’t live without my fashion earrings. I must have over a thousand pairs. They add a hint of glamour to any outfit. 

Q: What do you wish people would stop wearing? Why?

I’m sure this is such a polarizing subject but I do wish people would stop wearing Crocs. Or worse, socks and Crocs. There’s absolutely no place or occasion that can justify such fashion abomination.

Katrina Turnbull


Q: What does #OttawaStyle

mean to you?

#OttawaStyle is changing in our city. Over the past year, I’ve noticed that the Ottawa fashion crowd has been unapologetically bringing it to the streets and the city’s big events. I love the anticipation of what certain style influencers will be wearing.

Q: What are the top trends you’re wearing for 2018?

I am so excited about the sheer trend in 2018, specifically incorporating sheer pieces with blouses and blazers to give the illusion of being a bit revealing while remaining sophisticated.

Q: What are some of your favourite shops around Ottawa?

I really love the brands and price points at Nordstrom and Simons. I always find one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else is wearing. One of my favourite independent Ottawa designers is Cecilia Racicot. Her collections are on-trend yet also timeless.

Q: What do you wish people would stop wearing?

I really wish government workers would stop wearing Crocs to work. I don’t care how comfortable they are, they are not professional. We need to set higher standards for public service attire.