#OttawaStyle with Katrina Turnbull

Photo credits: Valerie Keeler and courtesy of @Ouicestchic

Ready to elevate your fashion game? Ottawa fashion bloggers are supporting local and are helping to boost the style quotient across the city. Blogger collaborations with local boutiques and Canadian brands are taking off and companies, big and small are looking to Ottawa for these bloggers perspective. Katrina Turnbull is one of Ottawa’s top influencers who is making waves in the blogging community and is proving that this political city has style.

We spoke with Katrina about her decision to be a fashion blogger and how her focus is all about honing her personal style.

Ottawa Life Magazine: What does #OttawaStyle mean to you?

Katrina Turnbull: I use this hashtag in all of my outfit pics on Instagram and Twitter. It’s my way of inspiring others that despite being a political and traditionally conservative town, we still got it going on.

Tell me how you define your style and how it separates you from the rest?

My style is sexy chic glam. Overall, the way I dress is impactful. People notice me when I walk into the room. What sets me apart is that I’m also a mom to two young boys. When I became a mom, it was crucial for me to maintain my identity while caring for my babies. People have a hard time believing I have two kids. It’s exactly those stereotypes that I’m trying to break.

How does dressing differ from the work week to the weekend? Or is your style consistent?

I’m finally at a point in my life where I don’t have to “dress down” for work anymore. As the host of fashion television series, Capital Style Files, and as a fashion blogger, everyday is a chance to be ultra stylish in my wardrobe. A typical workday for me could have me on set filming my show, working at a coffee shop on my website, or attending a black-tie gala. You never know if you’ll be photographed or who you’ll run into, so you if you want to be known for fashion, you have to dress the part.

What are some of your style staples?

Black liquid liner is a must for me. My black leather jacket that I’ve had for years is also one of my staple pieces. The more distressed it becomes the more I love it. I also wear sexy matching lingerie every single day. Wearing undergarments that make me feel beautiful and confident sets the tone for the rest of my day.

How do you hope you can help others looking to garner their own sense of style?

I would rather see someone walking down the street in a completely bizarre outfit that I would never personally wear, than someone playing it safe. I love meeting people who are the former because it’s like they are giving you a glimpse into their personalities. Interesting fashion and style is an invitation to approach someone and start a conversation. I would encourage people to dress like there are no rules. If you don’t feel amazing in every piece of clothing you put on then it’s not the right style for you.

What are some of your favourite brands and shops around Ottawa?

I’ve scored some unique pieces at local boutiques Viens Avec Moi and Vincent. I love the BP brand at Nordstrom for current styles at a great price point. I’m also obsessed with the house brands at Simons. I’ve picked up insanely stylish pieces at ridiculously affordable prices.

When it comes to fashion in Ottawa, what sort of changes would you like to see?

I don’t think the government worker will get fired from his or her job for dressing more stylishly. The tides are changing in Ottawa. We have never had a better chance to be ourselves than we do today. If you have a strong sense of style, you need to express it. Trust me, you’ll feel happier.

What gap in the style community are you looking to fill?

I started my blog because I knew I could be an entrepreneur and turn my blog into a full-time business. My goal was to show women that it is possible to be stylish and a mom at the same time. Ouicestchic.com bridges the gap of presenting stylish maternity and nursing clothes, and chic styles for busy moms.

What does it take to become an influential style blogger and maintain your status in the Ottawa community?

The really successful Ottawa style bloggers are the ones that aren’t afraid to be themselves. Don’t try to copy what other bloggers are doing. Identify your audience, go niche, and work on making your content stand out. My biggest rewards have come from identifying unique opportunities that others didn’t see.

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