• By: Sofia Donato

Otto’s Ottawa donates care packages to front-line workers

As COVID-19 continues to affect many lives around the world and across Canada, Otto’s Ottawa is taking initiative to help front-line workers and others impacted by the virus. The car dealership, composed of Otto’s Subaru and Otto’s BMW, has been serving the community for over 50 years. Now run by Otto's wife Huguette and daughter Sonia Koller, Otto's Ottawa is doing their best to help support those affected by the pandemic.

The company is known for their humanitarian work in the community through their charitable branch, Otto’s Planet, donating over $1 million towards local and national causes and initiatives. With every vehicle purchase, donations are made on behalf of their customers.

Otto's Planet is designed on the idea that we can all give more to make our community a better place. To make a contribution that can enrich lives, inspire people, and make a noticeable positive impact on the community, Otto’s Planet ensures that they do their part through donations and fundraising.

Due to the challenging times, Otto's Planet dollars have been re-allocated to a number of local charities, including Meals for Hope, delivering meals to seniors and those with disabilities during these difficult times. Otto’s has lent a fleet of vehicles and staff to assist with deliveries across the region, including the Ottawa Hospital, the Bruyere Hospital, among various others. In addition, Otto's has been delivering care packages to front-line workers that include protective gear and fresh baked goods!

“During these unprecedented times, it was important for our team at Otto's Ottawa to show our gratitude to essential workers, and those working to keep us safe. Front-line workers are putting their safety at risk every day to ensure we remain healthy. It's our hope that these gifts will provide a little brightness to their day, as well as a few items to help keep them safe at work,” says Sonia Koller, Dealer Principal.

Thank you Otto’s Ottawa for supporting at risk locals and essential and front-line workers!