OVOU digital business cards go beyond a job title

The paper business card as we’ve known it is long dead. Nine out of ten business cards get thrown out within a week, and with digital wallets and contact books, no one takes the time to enter contacts manually.

OVOU is changing the game and bridging the social-digital gap. The innovative smart business card sets in-person encounters apart, designing connections to go beyond a job title.

In 2017, Reza Varzidehkar, founder of OVOU, wanted to start a boutique marketing agency, but the first step was to legitimize his work with business cards. He needed to stand out and cut through the noise, so he searched for a product that would represent him. A few rabbit holes later, he found QR code and NFC chip technology, puzzled why the business community had not yet switched to digital business cards. The wheels began to turn, and he pondered whether QR codes and NFC chips could be the solution to business card apps. When Apple integrated NFC tag use, two years later, Reza invented the OVOU technology to help people connect.

Like Reza’s, innovation is integral in the business world and the only way to become a market leader. Without innovation, businesses struggle to succeed, caught in a cycle of chasing competitors. “I personally love to lead with a dominating mindset,” says Reza, “And innovation is the key to becoming a market leader.”

The innovative OVOU card is as easy as paying for a chocolate bar–users exchange details with just a tap. The smart business card taps a client’s smartphone and opens details without an app. From there, clients can directly save social details to their contacts and press “Connect” to send theirs as well.

The card’s durable build and professional matte design enhance customer experience while putting clients a click away from exploring your social accounts. With unlimited sharing compatible with all smartphones, it’s impossible to run out of business cards.

“The card is a gateway to connect the offline and online world,” Reza explains, “It is fascinating how much of our lives are displayed online and we don’t even leverage it to make better connections. People connect over common values and shared interests not job titles and phone numbers. Showcasing your digital presence when you meet people allows for deeper and more meaningful relationships to form.”

ABOVE: Reza Varzidehkar, founder of OVOU. (PHOTO: gordonclarkphotography.com)

The smart card is designed for teams as well, with a platform that allows clients to navigate to the team member they’re looking for while giving you complete control of what is visible to them. The platform also helps you oversee team activity and allows you to activate and deactivate cards when employees come and go. Teams like Porsche Vancouver, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz Surrey are spearheading OVOU.

While launching OVOU, Reza noticed how thirsty people were for authentic human connection, but instead, they hid behind job titles. That’s why OVOU is more than a business card; it equips users for genuine relationships.

“I want to remind you that you are bigger than what you do, and people are interested in connecting with you, not your job title. I hope OVOU can empower professionals to make better connections by putting their genuine self out there.”

The OVOU card bypasses the paper weight and directly turns encounters into relationships–a connection they won’t forget.