Palmer Administrative Services: Your Trusted Warranty Provider

Palmer administrative services has maintained its status as the industry's leading auto warranty provider for another year running. The company's success can be attributed to many factors such as its streamlined auto protection plans, simplified claims processing, convenient financing and a strong commitment to their broad client base. Backed by an excellent customer support, Palmer strives to ensure your automotive needs are met.

Palmer's automotive coverage plans

At the heart of Palmer's auto protection service is a multitude of customizable coverage plans that are aimed at meeting the needs and driving habits of their extensive client base. Currently, there are six automotive plans for customers to choose from and these include the Classic plan, Basic plan, Powertrain, Premier, Royal select and Elite exclusionary.

The affordable Classic plan primarily covers your engine components while the more comprehensive elite exclusionary package essentially covers almost every part of your automobile. With such coverage options, it's easy to find a suitable coverage option, no matter your budget.

Furthermore, the company boasts over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. The firm is also accredited and has been recognized by the better business bureau for their stellar contribution to the industry. It's no wonder that Palmer is the preferred extended warranty services provider by many clients in the region.

An ever-expanding agent base

Earlier this year, Michael Shaftel, CEO of Palmer Adminstration Services, made it known the company's plans to employ more agents to keep up with growing consumer demand. The agents will be specially handpicked from around the country to assemble a team of highly talented professionals who will take the firm to the next level. Palmer's mission is to build a profitable business model that will enable them to penetrate new markets and widen their client base.

Shaftel is also convinced that increasing the number of agents will also boost customer relations with the company. Because the firm is primarily based in New Jersey, these new agents will serve as representatives in other states around the country.

Extended warranty options

Though some of these options are available from other warranty providers, Palmer manages to stay ahead of the pack by providing a few extra perks to improve the overall customer experience. For example, Palmer includes comprehensive roadside assistance which includes, towing, tire change and professional locksmith services should you get stuck while en route to your destination. Palmer also covers expenses such as lodging, food and car rental if your car breaks down when you are out of town.

With Palmer, there's no limitation to the number of claims a consumer can make during the lifetime of their contract. Their coverage is also easily transferable meaning there won't be any complications should you decide to sell your car. Finally, Palmer has forged solid business partnerships with numerous accredited mechanic shops in the U.S.A and Canada. A palmer auto plan is a great way to supplement your existing manufacturer's warranty. More information on how to apply for any of their products and services is available at