• By: Ali Matthews

Pantene Wants You to Think Beyond the Blowout

When you think about beautiful hair what is the first thing that comes to mind? Elaborate braids and updos?  Bouncy, shiny blowouts?

On November 12, 2016, Pantene Beautiful Lengths is helping women look beyond the blowout by hosting National Donate Your Hair Day.

For ten years, Pantene Beautiful Lengths has donated hair from across Canada and the United States to create free real-hair wigs for women battling cancer.  In partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society, Beautiful Lengths is intended to help empower women and renew their confidence. Cancer treatments are incredibly taxing on patients physically, mentally and emotionally. A common side effect is hair loss and it is Pantene’s intention to give these brave women a little bit of normal back as they put everything into fighting this disease.

Make no mistake, this isn’t hair donated on one day, but rather all year round by people from all walks of life. Of course, not everyone has hair to donate. This is why individuals also have the option to support the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund and Donate2Create program with a monetary donation to create even more wigs.

You only need to look up #BeautifulLengths on Instagram and you will see a flood of photos of people of all ages joyfully holding up their ponytail donations. For some, it is their first donation, and others just one of many they have made over the years.


For many, it is also a cathartic experience. The catalyst for many donating is having someone in his or her life that has been diagnosed with cancer and wanting to do something, anything. In many of the photo captions you will hear about their journeys and the experience of donating. From the nervous smiles as the scissors are brought down, to ear-to-ear grins and even tears when they finally have their donation in their hands. To these women, it is more than just hair, it is hope.

If you want to donate, show your participation in the Donate2Create program by posting to your social channels using #Donate2Create and #BeautifulLengths, tagging @Pantene on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

You can also visit www.beautifullengths.ca to learn more about the program, how to donate and a full resource for short hair styles and products to help grow and strengthen your long hair and keep your new short hair perfectly styled.