• By: OLM Staff

Paying For Public Transit Has Never Been Easier!

It happens to those of all ages and often at the worst time – the surge of panic when running late to work, class or an appointment and your transit pass is declined due to insufficient funds. With it often comes the worst case scenario- you end up missing your train or bus as you rush to add more money on to your account. 

Not only do Canadians need to keep the balance of their public transit pass in mind, many of them are also looking for ways to stretch their dollars further and save on everyday expenses. According to the 2023 RBC Financial Independence Poll, over two-thirds (67%)  of Canadians are worried about their cash flow and more than half say balancing their spending and savings is a priority.

RBC is aware of these concerns and is here to make the everyday commute on transit easier and stretch those dollars further with a new way to save when using your RBC Debit card.

Public transit users In Ottawa and other key urban centres can now use the RBC Debit card to purchase tickets, reload transit cards and “Tap to Pay” at the fare reader, with no debit transaction fees and impacts on monthly debit transaction limits. The Tap to Pay feature also eliminates the need to maintain a transit card balance, since you only need to tap your RBC Debit card or mobile wallet to pay. Tap to Pay is already available on certain fares through Para Transpo in Ottawa and many urban transit systems across Ontario and British Columbia.

With RBC, you can also earn powerful benefits for your everyday transactions- including rewards points every time you use your RBC Debit card for transit fares or any other purchases- by signing up for RBC’s Value Program, through RBC Vantage

RBC is putting money back into the wallets of Canadians which makes paying for public transit highly convenient. From now on, tapping your RBC Debit card or mobile wallet is all you need to get yourself moving. 

Check with your local transit agency for more details on Tap to Pay. For more information about using the RBC Debit card for transit fairs, please visit rbc.com/interactransit/.