• By: Sofia Donato

Pecan Pie, S’mores and Poutine: BeaverTails just released 8 new mouth-watering flavours

Can’t get enough of your favourite Canadian dessert, yet also ready to try something new? BeaverTails has released 8 new delectable flavours, some sweet and some savoury. Children and adults alike will enjoy the new additions to the BeaverTail menu. Enrichen your taste buds at select locations across Canada.

From poutine to pie fillings and chocolate delights, BeaverTail’s imaginative creations will take Canadians on a savoury journey.

Fulfill your dreams with the BrWOWnie: made with chocolate hazelnut spread, brownie pieces, and sprinkled with white chocolate chips. Revel in the best part of summer camping with the S’more: a chocolate and graham cracker combo with marshmallows torched to perfection. As well, try the Hansel + Pretzel, a combination of sweet and salty. Check out the flavorful Apple Pie, Lemon MMMeringue, Pecan Pie, and Strawberry Cheesecake pastries, that will make your mouth water. This new menu will also release the most Canadian flavour of all, The PouTail! Delicious BeaverTails®. Topped with their signature poutine, two Canadian foods are brought together.

First served at Killaloe Fair, west of Ottawa, Ontario, Pam and Grant Hooker brought the sweet and salty pastries to Canada. By 1978, Canadians could enjoy the delicious pastry by the canal or the in the Byward Market. In the late 1980’s, Pino Di loia takes a summer job as the manager and later becomes the CEO. By the 2000s, BeaverTails became a nationwide company.

As Creative Director, Tina Serrao explains: "Believe it or not but it's been 8 years since our menus were last redesigned! Over the last 8 years, we have been lucky to see our customer base expand from those who view BeaverTails as part of their traditions, to include foodies who have embraced our products on their search for the latest food trends to check off their bucket list. Now they have 8 new flavours to cross off the list!"

Experience the best of Canada with the eight inventive flavours, this spring, at select locations!