Pilar’s Picks: BESTiE

With an album set to release titled No Bad Days, how could you not love them? Friends Andrew Janczewski, Tristan Orchard, Daniel Ruiz and Rob Cameron started making music with the goal of creating a fun, accessible pop band. They accomplished just that — the group BESTiE started in the spring of 2012 in Vancouver.

BESTiE is now set to release their album No Bad Days on April 22, which will feature eight tracks that will have your head bopping and fists pumping. The group’s creativity especially shines through their song titles and music videos. BESTiE has an incredibly different approach when appealing to listeners.

Check out their debut single Pineapple. The single hit #25 on Hype Machine and scored the band some group airplay on Vancouver radio. No Bad Days is bound to be your go-to album, especially while soaking up the sun this summer.