• By: Keith Whittier

Pilar’s Picks: Glenn Morrison

Multitalented, and that is putting it lightly! I am talking about the superstar Glenn Morrison. He is a Toronto native DJ, producer and performer. Morrison has worked with world-class acts, such as Tiesto and Deadmau5. I’m almost positive you all are familiar with his smash single played overtime on all hit radio stations titled ‘Goodbye.’ It is only five weeks old on the Billboard Chart, landing at number 15, and number two on the iTunes Dance Chart!

Remind your memory of the catchy beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWOteRWovWA.

Morrison’s name alone gets 1.7 million social networking and Internet hits a month. This 28-year-old outstanding artist is only beginning his success in today’s competitive music world. Ottawa, look out because Glenn Morrison is making his way to our neck of the woods July 26 at the Riverside Festival taking place at Parc Jacques-Cartier.

Purchase your tickets here and now: http://riversidefestival.ca/event.cfm?id=120354&cart.

Get ready to fist pump your way into the bumpin’ party scene this festival has to offer!