• By: Keith Whittier

Pilar’s Picks: Marta Pacek

The Australian alt-folk songstress Marta Pacek decided to produce a new sound with her recently released album Voo Doo Dolls and False Alarms — a fresh twist from the past two years she spent in North America and her home country. It’s a combination of her personal confessions and each track sets a reflective tone. The first single Nothing Going On, produces a surprising hip hop mood that can stir up nostalgia from the 50s rock n’ roll era. Pacek’s cover of Nobody’s Crying by Patty Griffin has been featured on the ABC/Global series Rookie Blue.The eagerly awaited album was released on April 29, so what are we waiting for?! Her songwriting has been strongly influenced from past writing collaborations with Mark Seymour. It’s time for you to get a sense of her musical talent from this hit “A Girl Gets By” –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXA3ZDGNgEc.

This song was awarded best alternative-country song at the Canberra Music Awards in 2011.

To find more about what Marta Pacek is up to follow her on twitter @MartaPacek.