• By: Keith Whittier

Pilar’s Picks: Young Magic

Unique, fresh and innovative — that’s what describes this new band. Young Magic consists of Australian producer Isaac Emmanuel and Indonesian vocalist Melati Melay. They are a Brooklyn-based group with an unparalleled electro-indie sound. Breathing Statues is Young Magic’s second album, which was released on May 6. They collaborated on this album together over the past year while on tour, recording in Morocco, France, Czech Republic, Australia, and Iceland and in their home base of New York. Melt was Young Magic’s first album, released in February of 2012. Get a taste of their dynamic sound by giving the album a listen. A personal pick of mine from Melt is called The Dancer: http://bit.ly/1lgRjhm. Young Magic is definitely incorporating an unheard sound, melody and style. Keep up with this on-the-go band by following their Twitter account (@ItsYoungMagic) and taking a peek at their website: http://youngmagicsounds.com. Enjoy!