Places To Get Pampered In The City Of Angels With Massages

The City of Angels, our very own tourist hotspot in Bangkok. It was named so, in 1782, and is the translation from its Thai name – Krung ThepMaha Nakhon. As you decide to vacation here, you might as well fulfil your aim of relaxation, and get yourself a massage! So, this is for all you stressed and ready-to-holiday people. Why not check out the lowest airfare from Bangalore to Bangkok and get going already!

A massage is an effective way to de-stress oneself, loosen all the muscles and relax physically and mentally. It has a lot of health benefits that a regular massage is often recommended, and when on vacation, when is it not a good time to spend some time in a spa or a massage service shop? Here are some of the best places to get you a massage.

Asia Herb Association

Oil massages, herbal massages, scrubs and Thai herbal ball treatment are known to be their specialities. Personalized massages are catered to your needs, any pains or health issues, amount of pressure required, etc. This place is felt comfortable by natives as well as foreigners. It costs 400 baht for 60 minutes of a Thai massage. Private rooms and couple rooms are available for the massage treatments.

Health Land

The name and inner appearance give a hospital feel,and the outer appearance is of a retro mansion. The number one recommended massage place is Health Land in Bangkok. They offer body polish, traditional Thai massages, facials, foot reflexology and spa Jacuzzi or the tourmaline sauna. Pre-bookings are necessary owing to the demand and its popularity. The massages are high quality and cost 500 baht for two-hour duration.

Massage by the Blind

This raises eyebrows. This was set up by The Foundation for the Employment of the Blind in Bangkok in a building on Chan Kao Road. Its open hours are 9 am to 8 pm. The lack of sight of the blind is supposed to aid them because now they are more observant and sync with your body’s needs thus giving excellent massage treatments. The cost is 200 baht for an hour of massage. The friendliness of the staff will definitely have you go back too.

Wat Pho

Traditional massages have their guidelines and principles inscribed on the stones in this temple. This takes it to a whole other new level. The art of massagehas been fine-tuned, honed and cultivated at Wat Pho and has been so for centuries. The place gets busy after midday. Pre-bookings before the temple visit is recommended. The cost of a Thai massage for an hour is 420 baht here.

Divana Spa

A spa that uses only organic items, you will be received here with a welcome drink and will also be offered a post-treatment drink. Professional therapists give the Thai massage using organic Thai products and oriental wisdom for healing and provide you with the right relaxation you need. The peace and tranquillity achieved here have unlimited bounds.

Oasis Spa

Here, you can try out their Royal Thai facial along with their Thai massages. Foot reflexology is also provided there, as a compliment, a free hotel picks up is offered. Refreshment and reenergized feelings are assured after a visit to this place.

Bangkok Float Center

Relaxation here is offered in the form of floating in a pod on water. Complete silence and isolation are provided along with the personal pod.

Away Spa

This spa is by the W Bangkok. Its speciality is the signature diamond powder treatment which purifies, cleans and softens the skin. Organic Kerstin Florian products are used on the skin. The special package of ‘Diamonds Is Forever’ treatment consists of a 30-minute diamond body scrub, 1-hour diamond massage and a half an hour diamond body wrap.

So Thai Spa

This place has the very exciting treatments including the classic Aromatherapy massage, a jet lag massage and facial massage for pure and bright skin and complexion. It is one of the very high rated spas and is situated in the centre of Bangkok.

Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa

The Japanese Onsens are right here in Bangkok with great service and unlimited onsen duration. They are found at reasonable prices and offer great service.

Relax. Unwind. Go crazy. They should be the three mantras when you are away on tour. Massages and spa not only help you unwind but also is an opportunity to talk to your partner or close friend with open hearts. Get there at the lowest airfare from Bangalore to Bangkok, book yourself an appointment and find yourself being massaged all your troubles away.