• By: Chloë Hayes

Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope: The perfect gift for the socially conscious gift giver and receiver

Have you ever given a gift that gives not once, but twice? Plan international Canada’s Gifts of Hope program allows you to give gifts that first touch hearts at home and then reach lives abroad. With over 60 unique items to choose from, these gifts help unleash the potential of every child. They bring tangible goods and vital services to those most in need around the world and support children in recognizing their rights. Instead of deciding where to direct your donation, Plan International Canada ensures your money goes directly towards the Gift of Hope you purchase.

The program reaches millions around the world with life-changing gifts that give back. “Gifts of Hope cannot be wrapped like regular gifts, but they do unbox huge possibilities and hope for those who receive them worldwide.” – Plan International Canada.

Gifts of Hope Gift Guide

Food Basket

Price: $50

The world is currently experiencing a global hunger crisis with 345 million people facing food insecurity. Filled with basic staples like beans, cooking oil, fortified cereal blends, and sugar, the Food Basket is anything but basic. This gift of food will help to prevent the slide into a life-and-death situation for someone in need, especially for women and girls who are most impacted by the crisis.

School meals

Price: $10

School meals are another amazing gift to give children living with food insecurity. This gift helps to nourish bodies and minds with daily meals for an entire school. School kitchens will be supplied with nutritious ingredients like rice and beans, cookware and even clean water for cooking and washing. You will help classrooms of children enjoy hot lunches and protein-rich snacks while benefiting from good nutrition to grow healthy and continue learning.


Price: $80

The gift of a goat may be the most unique gift you give this year, and the most life-changing. Thanks to you, a family is gifted a goat with protein-rich milk for growing children. The goat’s offspring can later be sold, allowing an income to pay for essentials such as an education, which opens up opportunities for young girls.

School Essentials

Price: $18

While proper food and sustenance are a lifeline in every community, so are social resources for safety and quality of life. This gift provides schools in low-income countries with essentials for students to receive the best possible education and the best possible start to a better life. From textbooks and pencils to essential school meal programs and teacher training, this gift can make a life-changing impact in the futures of these children.

LBGTQ+ Safe Spaces

Price: $50

This gift is all about empowerment, well-being, confidence, and embracing one’s most authentic self. Your donation will help create comfort zones where LGBTQ+ individuals, especially youth, can learn their rights, access vital resources like legal and psychosocial counselling, and connect with peer educators who can provide referrals to accessible health services. By supporting advocacy efforts, this gift helps to create meaningful change.

This holiday season, share some spirit with underprivileged people living in the very same world. A little goes a long way, save a life and make a family smile!

All gifts are available at plangifts.ca