Playing Video Games Benefits Seniors In Many Different Ways

Gaming is no longer just for kids, as more elderly people are now experiencing the benefits of playing video games. Playing video games can actually work wonders for one’s mental health, improving brain functions such as visual-motor tracking, focus, multi-tasking skills, memory, as well as self-esteem. And it is not hard for seniors to adapt to this technology and make it a hobby to play these games since these are so much fun to do. In fact, according to an article on, the percentage of people over the age of 50 have grown from just 9 percent in 1999 to 48 percent in 2013.

Improved Cognitive Functions

According to a 2013 study published on, video games improve cognitive control in older people. In line with this, a three-dimensional video game called NeuroRacer, was developed by researchers from the University of California in San Francisco, which targets the player’s multitasking skills. The game uses adaptive algorithms to challenge players on two tasks at the same time, navigating and responding to specific signs.

Initially, the game was tested on 174 adults aged 20 to 70 years old. The participants in the study were all wired to EEG caps which measured their brain’s electrical activity. After playing NeuroRacer, the participants exhibited improved multitasking skills and this was evident in the succeeding six months even without playing the game further.A Happier Disposition

Video games are also a great source of joy – something that seniors need, especially those who feel alone or isolated. Simple video games like slot machine games from online gaming sites like can easily uplift a player’s feelings because of the mix of visuals and colors. The excitement of anticipating the outcome of the reels and the ecstasy of winning both have psychological and physical benefits to seniors. Playing games like this causes the brain to release endorphins that gives one a natural feeling of being “high”. It also causes the production of leptin, which gives a feeling of satisfaction.

All this keeps the brain active, while multiplayer features on such sites and other gaming hubs can also satisfy social needs.

Greater Focus and Analytical Skills

Online poker is another great video game for seniors, enhancing their focus and analytical skills. The amount of time it takes to play online poker requires deep focus deep for an extended period. It is also crucial that one has the ability to think analytically and be able to assess the pros and cons of a situation. When a senior plays this game, it develops their ability to concentrate and analyze their opponents, as well as come up with strategies to win.

Thanks to recent studies, video games have been given a brand new reputation that gives them recognition for the benefits that they are able to give elderly individuals. With so many video games being developed in several different themes and categories, there is at least one game that your senior would enjoy. Devices vary as well, from video game consoles like Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation to desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.