PODS: alternatives and breakdown of pods moving cost

Portable moving containers are one of the most popular moving options in modern times. Pods are considered the most reliable and cheapest moving option. People are preferring Pods over hiring a professional moving company and/or renting a self-storage facility as Pods are the most cost-effective way of moving. The pods moving cost is much lesser than conventional moving services ad also it offers you the entire control of the process.

You may need a moving container for many reasons including delayed move and/or a gap in leases. Whatever the reason is, you have three options to keep your belongings safe. You can rent a local storage container as local storage facilities offer competitive rates. It is the best way to store especially if you are planning for a longer time. Another option for storing your things is storing them in the warehouse of a moving company but you may not have access to your things. These moving companies provide this storing space on monthly rentals. The cost of this storing option is higher than the local storage facility. The next and the best option to store your stuff is to hire a portable storage container and get it delivered to your home.

Portable storage containers are available in many sizes and shapes. All sizes are available at different pricing. Pricing of Pods includes delivery fees, monthly storage rates, and transit cost. Mostly the rates of all types of containers are the same, just the first-month rental fee is different for different sizes.

Moving pods cost and determiners:

Pods prices vary for local, long-distance, and interstate moves. The cost may vary according to the distance so it is hard to tell the exact pricing in a particular case. The rates of an interstate move may also vary drastically from company to company. So it is always advisable to consult at least three companies before you hire the services of anyone.

  • For 1 bedroom flat:  it may cost between $450 and $800,
  • For 2 to 3 bedroom: it may cost between $750 and $1900, and
  • For 4 to 5 bedrooms, it may cost between $900 and $2400.

While for a cross country move, the price for 1 bedroom may be between $2000 and $4000, between $3000 and $5000 for a 2 to 3 bedroom accommodation, and for a 4 to 5 bedroom apartment, it may cost $5500 and $7500 approximately.

The cost of moving for a local move is also different and cost somewhere between $200 and $400 for a 1 bedroom accommodation, between $300 and $650 for a 2 to 3 bedroom accommodation, and between $300 and $800 for a 4 to 5 bedroom accommodation.

Type of container:

These costs also vary for the type of container chosen by the mover. Some of the common types of containers are U-box, u-pack, zippy shell, and packrat. And costing of these containers may vary drastically.

The above-said prices are averages of prices offered by various companies and are not the exact prices. These prices may vary from the actual prices when you will receive the personalized price quotes. It is wise to get personalized price quotes from more than one company so you know the actual price that you may have to pay. Like any other services, the cheapest is not the best in this case too. Always check the availability, flexibility, and customer services of the company selected by you. Also, don’t forget to check customer reviews and ratings of your chosen company.

The cost of a moving pod varies and it depends upon many factors. Following are some of the major factors that should be taken into consideration:

Distance of Your Move

The distance that you have to move is one of the major factors that decide the cost of your moving containers.

Time of Your Move

Like any other move, the cost of moving containers also higher during peak moving seasons. Summer and spring are the most common and busy moving times and it may cost you higher if you choose to move during this time of the year. On the contrary, if you choose to move in the lean season, you may get some discounts from moving container companies.

Weight and Size of Your Stuff

Another major factor that determines your moving cost is the size and weight of your stuff. If you have more stuff then you will hire a bigger container and that will automatically increase the cost of your move. Similarly, you may have to pay less for less stuff.

Add-on Service

Moving container companies offer add-on services too. They offer many add-on services including packing, moving, storing, and/or supplemental insurance. If you choose any or all of these services, you will have to pay extra and that will impact your overall cost of the move.

Hope this guide helps you in identifying the best moving pods option and also in calculating and managing your financial budget for the upcoming move.