• By: OLM Staff

Pommies Wine & Soda Raspberry is the Perfect Summer Quencher

Break out those flip-flops and dust off your shades because summer is knocking at our door like an overeager neighbour with a plate of freshly grilled goodies! It’s time for backyard barbecues, lazy days on the dock, and endless sunshine-filled adventures. But what’s summer without the perfect thirst-quenching companion?

Enter Pommies Wine & Soda Raspberry, the ultimate summer sipper that’s here to rescue your taste buds from the scorching heat. This new beverage delivers the perfect summer quencher, packing a punch of refreshment without weighing you down. Clocking in at only 4% alc./vol, this sophisticated sipper has no added sugar and is only 90 calories – talk about guilt-free indulgence!

Crafted with care and bursting with flavour, Pommies Wine & Soda Raspberry is a delightful concoction of just three ingredients: Ontario white wine, carbonated water, and raspberry juice.

Say goodbye to overly sweetened options cluttering the shelves – this refreshing alternative is like a breath of fresh air for your taste buds.

Pommies Wine & Soda Raspberry is available at LCBO in 355 ml cans for $3.80.

Click here to find them at an LCBO near you.