Popular Retailer Rebrands as Mark’s Well Worn and Opens New Store in Ottawa

Mark’s (formerly known as Mark’s Work Warehouse), has opened a new east end store in the capital at Ottawa’s Place D’Orleans Shopping Centre. The popular retailer is one of the oldest, respected and representative clothing brands in Canada, and a leader in its market niche with over 380 stores across the country. In 2002, the company was purchased by the Canadian Tire Corporation. It sells a full range of men's and women’s casual and functional apparel, outerwear, footwear and accessories. The label is valued by customers and is known for providing well made, fashionable and durable clothing in niche categories such as casualwear, industrial wear and jeans. Its mission has been to keep customers ready for life in Canada by providing outerwear, an extensive denim collection, industrial and casual wear for those who work outdoors in inclement weather.

“The new Ottawa location is a modern and bigger store with a large number of employees to guarantee better and more personalized service focused on comfort and convenience for clients,” said David Lui, vice-president of marketing for Mark’s Well Worn. “The store is also generating some great employment opportunities for the local economy.”    

With regards to the new brand platform, Lui told Ottawa Life that this was a branding and marketing decision.

“When we did a rebranding in 2012, it was a way to make the Mark’s brand more known and attractive, especially for young consumers. This strategy worked and our current campaign to use the brand of Mark’s Well Worn is both a tribute to our heritage and growth over the past 40 years, and a nod to our customers who tend to be determined and passionate workers, much like our brand. Mark’s helps give people confidence and our customers who wear the brand depend on us for comfort and quality”, says Lui.  

While Mark’s primary focus has been on male customers between 30 and 49 years old, Lui says that “the new Well Worn platform will help expand and introduce the brand to a new consumer as well as maintain our current customer. With its new store in Ottawa, the retailer aims to continue growing and reaching the lives of so many workers and customers who seek comfort, quality, and innovative technology solutions in their clothes.

Mark’s Well Worn wants to consolidate itself as the number one option, both for men and women, throughout Canada. Given the retailer’s track record and popularity with customers both young and old, it appears Mark’s is well on its way.